For clinical psychologists, a soundproof office is acutely important. Not only does noise pollution distract them like any other office worker, but they need their patients to feel comfortable and relaxed. Hearing outside noise can remove both patient and doctor from the moment and make the space feel less sacred and safe. Office soundproofing methods are key to a successful practice.

Lester Pearlstein works with other therapists together in a charming 1894 brick building. They could hear construction through all their sessions while a 9-story apartment was being built right across the street. Their single-pane double hung windows were no match for the jackhammers and backhoes tearing up the asphalt. Even once the construction was done, they’d still be able to hear the trucks, motorcycles, and loud conversations on the sidewalk.

red brick building with psychiatrist's office inside in need of office soundproofing methods

Office Soundproofing Methods for a Better Workplace

“We need quiet in our offices to do our work,” said Lester.

Researching how to soundproof an office, they found that replacing the windows would have been expensive – this is a common obstacle when it comes to office soundproofing methods. The average replacement vinyl window is $66- $87/sf where window inserts average between $30 – $43/sf. However, because these historic windows had frames a foot deep, Lester and his colleagues were able to turn to Indow.

psychiatrist's office with couch and two windows in need of office soundproofing methods

They added Indow Acoustic Grade inserts in their psychologist offices. Because they had deep frames, they were able to place the inserts at least six inches from the window glass to create a large pocket of air to insulate against sound. They also had enough room to keep their blinds and window treatments in place, adding more privacy and comfort for patients. This is a soundproofing method often used in hotels, where excess noise can be a real problem.


“Sometimes people talk loudly or have an argument on the street,” he said. “We don’t hear anything now.”

how to soundproof an office

Invisible But Dramatic Improvement

They didn’t address all their windows at once. Lester started with one insert to see how well it did at quieting the noise, before investing in an order for a full soundproof office. Lester’s colleague, who was out of town when the insert came, said it blended in so well with the windows that she didn’t see it at first. But the space had changed dramatically. She said, “It has been quiet.’

Indow inserts can block up to 70% of outside noise when placed over single-pane windows, so it’s no wonder they noticed the difference immediately.

Lester and his colleagues ordered inserts for the other windows too. They were done looking at other office soundproofing methods. Window inserts were what they needed to make their patients feel at ease, like they had privacy, and could get to the work at hand. The psychologists too felt relief and could more easily concentrate on the work with their patients.

how to soundproof an office

Indow window inserts are one of the most effective methods when considering how to soundproof an office. To see performance data and learn about the testing we’ve done, click here.

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