Do you have any arched, round or eyebrow windows? If they’re drafty, or if you need to create privacy or filter light, unusually shaped windows can prove challenging. It’s hard to find a replacement for unusually-shaped windows. And most storm windows come in squares and rectangles, nothing like the odd-shaped window that makes your house look so unique.

If you have an especially large window, you may need to introduce a mullion, which will divide your insert into more than one segment.

indow window solutions special shapes

Indow’s custom-shaped window inserts are the perfect solution for blocking drafts in uniquely shaped windows. They can be cut to fit any form. Round, oval, batwing – you name it – Indow can create a specialty-shaped window insert that will block drafts and noise. Customize them further by getting them made in Privacy Grade to obscure what’s happening within or Museum Grade to filter damaging UV light, all without distracting from the window’s unique beauty.

indow window solutions special shapes

How do we do this? It’s a simple process that starts with the Indow dealer or homeowner tracing the window onto a piece of paper. You can read more about how we make odd-shaped window inserts here.

indow window solutions special shapes

Make Your Specialty-Shaped Window Inserts Just Right

There are a range of insert grades to choose from to make your unusual windows do what you need them to, whether it’s blocking UV light or reducing noise. You can also choose from three tubing colors so the inserts blend into your window frames.

Grade Types

Each grade blocks drafts and reduces outside noise, but our premium grades have special features to make your existing windows work just right. Click here to read about all the different grades.


The tubing comes in three colors:

indow window brown compression tubing


indow window black compression tubing


indow window white compression tubing

Warm White

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What Do They Cost?

Consider the cost and disruption of replacing your windows. A vinyl window averages $66-$87/sf. A wood window averages $71-$109/sf. With Indow inserts averaging between $30-$43/sf MSRP, your window project can cost a fraction of other options.

Standard Grade

indow windows cost for standard grade window insert is $27 per square foot

Our workhorse interior storm window insert blocks drafts and reduces outside noise.

Performance Grades

indow windows cost for premium grade window insert is $36 per square foot

Our 4 options in performance grade inserts provide superior protection against noise and light.

Commercial Grade

indow windows cost for commercial grade window insert is $41 per square foot

Industrial strength insert with a scratch-resistant coating can be cleaned with common products.

If there’s a dealer near you, a dealer will laser measure your windows and also install the inserts. They will cover all costs in your estimate, which normally includes a measure and installation fee as well as your local sales tax.

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