Window Guides: How Indow Inserts can Solve Your Unique Set of Challenges

Will Indow Inserts Work with My Windows?

Through our window guides, we'll help assess and address any window, comfort, or efficiency issue you have. Consider this your window research headquarters.

Getting window inserts can help solve a variety of issues: Do you have drafty, cold windows? Do you want a more energy efficient home? Want to block light or UV rays coming through your windows? Maybe you live in an historic area and are restricted in your window options due to local regulations. Whatever the reasons, these window guides will help walk you through the options given a variety of situations.

Use our window guides to learn how a window insert can help you depending on your location, building type, window shape & type, and the main problem your facing.

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Find your perfect window attachment by:

Comparing Windows

Indow window guide - comparing windows.

Find the right window attachment for your home via these comprehensive comparison articles.

  • Window Types

    Indow window guide - compare window type.

    Single-pane, double-pane, special shape, there's a window insert for every kind of window.

  • Research by Topic

    What is the main reason you want to upgrade your windows? Are they a step in making your home more energy efficient? Do you want to block outside noise? These window guides were put together by on a particular topic, solving a specific solution for a space.

    Indow window guide - research by topic.

    Energy Efficient

    Air sealing and insulating your windows is a part of making an energy efficient home.


    You can't get 100% soundproof windows, but you can get really close. Our soundproof window guides page has everything you need to know before you undertake your window soundproofing project: product data, case studies, other soundproofing products and ways to soundproof different rooms in your home, including your home office. Read our “What Is STC Rating?” article to find out more about how soundproofing products are measured.

    Closeup of Indow window insert - window guide.

    These window guides were put together based on our own research and third party research. The third party testing was for efficiency and sound resistance of Indow window inserts. The US Department of Energy and Portland State University's Green Building Research Lab tested Indow window inserts against multiple functions and capabilities depending on the grade type.

    Indow is a light-weight insert that presses into your existing window frame. It is held in place with compression tubing, like the kind in your refrigerator. Indow window inserts comes in seven different grade types that work with different windows, spaces, and issues. No matter what type of window you have, or what issue you are dealing with, we've done the research and have created the window guide for it. If you don't see an answer to your question in our window guides, please contact us. We'd love to answer your window question! Window soundproofing? Energy efficiency? We can discuss it all.

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