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Reduce Noise In Your Home

Why Soundproof Window Inserts?

Struggling with outside noise from neighbors, construction or traffic? We get it. Here’s a simple, easy-to-install window noise reduction solution. Just press Indow inserts into your window frames – with no mounting bracket – and be amazed at the quiet you enjoy. You’ll sleep better, feel better and enjoy your space more. Noise reducing windows have never been so easy.

The Best Way of Soundproofing a Window

Wherever air gets in, noise can get in too. That’s why we line our acrylic panels in our patented silicone compression tubing to create a tight seal and air space between the insert and your window. We ensure a precise, snug fit by custom making each acoustic window with proprietary measurement software. This means our acoustic inserts can reduce noise by up to 70%.

Watch the video below to see how national blogger Scott Sidler used our custom inserts to soundproof his studio.

One Solution, Multiple Benefits

Every grade of Indow window inserts reduces outside noise by at least 50% when placed over an operable single-pane window. Our Acoustic Grade does an even better job, reducing noise by 70%.* (If you have double-pane windows, you must use Acoustic Grade for reducing noise.) They’re easy to install or remove and not only block outside noise, but also prevent inside noise from bothering your neighbors.

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Customer Stories

“After moving in, we realized just how busy the street was because it was so noisy we could not sleep at all. Neither could our infant. (The inserts) came on time and were installed so easily, I couldn’t believe it! The difference in sound was unbelievable.”

– Maggie F, Portland, Oregon

Read more case studies.

Data Driven Results

Explore complete performance data here.

*We want to ensure our inserts help solve your noise problem. Overall noise reduction depends on the amount of noise coming through your walls, ceilings, floors, doors, and existing windows. Noise reduction will be less when placed over double-pane windows. Read our full Noise Reduction Sheet to learn more.


What Do They Cost?

Consider the cost and disruption of replacing your windows. A vinyl window averages $66-$87/sf. A wood window averages $71-$109/sf. With Indow inserts averaging between $30-$48/sf MSRP, your window project can cost a fraction of other options.

Standard Grade

Our workhorse interior storm window insert blocks drafts and reduces outside noise.

Performance Grade

Our 4 options in performance grade inserts provide superior protection against noise and light.

Commercial Grade

Industrial strength insert with a scratch-resistant coating can be cleaned with common products.

When you measure your windows, you'll have help at every step. First, we have a library of video and written tutorials available. Second, our amazing team is always ready to take your call if you need assistance. Third, our proprietary measurement software will automatically check your measurements as you enter them to ensure a tight, snug fit for your customer window inset. *Sales tax may apply


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