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Indow window inserts block drafts, reduce noise, and save on your bills. We’ve made over 60,000 of them since opening for business, and we’re proud to offer a premium, custom-made & high-performance product for an accessible price.

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Custom Made. Snug Fit Guaranteed.

Did you know roughly 95% of window frames are out-of-square even if they look perfectly rectangular? Sometimes they’ll slant diagonally; sometimes the sides won’t be parallel.

Because most windows are slightly out-of-square, the vast majority of “out of the box” window inserts available at a hardware store won’t precisely fit your window frames. Those few millimeters of gap create drafts and allow heat and noise to penetrate.

At Indow, we stand behind every insert we make. Our product comes with a Residential Warranty, which lasts for as long as you live in your home. Our Commercial Warranty lasts 10 years from the date of purchase. Our customer feedback is as good as or better than any storm window reviews – check out some examples at the bottom of the page.

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Order Process & Pricing Details

When you fill out our Free Estimate form, you will receive a confirmation email with information about your local Indow dealer. If you happen to live in an area where we do not have a dealer, you can still get Indow inserts! One of our in-house Fit Specialists will reach out so you can buy factory direct.

Getting a free estimate involves no obligation to purchase. It’s just a way to get a better idea of how much the inserts would cost based on the size of your windows and the product grade you chose. Standard Grade is our most affordable. Our premium inserts such as Acoustic Grade or Commercial Grade will cost slightly more. If you purchase through your local dealer, they do the laser measuring and also install the inserts when they arrive. Dealers will usually charge a small measure & installation fee.

Eager to get an outside opinion? Take a look at these window insert reviews to see if our customers were satisfied:



Whether you’re buying for comfort, quiet or savings, Indow window inserts are the best way to make your windows perform like brand-new double-panes – without having to replace them. Start solving your window problems today, and fill out the form below.

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