Indow Windows Terms & Conditions

Payment of your balance due on any Indow order confirmation constitutes acceptance of the terms outlined here. By confirming your order, you agree that the information provided and products selected are accurate. Confirmation of inaccurate order information may result in additional fees if changes are requested. Upon payment of your final invoice, sent under separate cover your inserts will go into production.

Return of any Indow property including the measure kit, if applicable, will be required prior to shipment of your Indow window inserts and/or accessory products. Failure to complete payment of your final invoice within 14 days of invoice date may result in the cancellation of your order and a refund of any deposit collected less a $50 processing fee. Failure to return a laser measure kit, if one was sent to you, will result in the conversion of your deposit into a purchase of the laser measure kit for $175.

As Indow inserts are custom manufactured to your exact specifications, all sales are final. Please be sure to review your needs carefully with your Indow representative to ensure that the product and grade you select is the most appropriate for your application. You are responsible for the assessment of your needs and how light, sound, and other factors affecting your comfort enter your home. Indow warrants our products to be properly manufactured to your dimensions, but given the uniqueness of your home or building no performance guarantees, returns, or exchanges based on performance can be made.

Indow window inserts are packaged and shipped using the highest standards of care. Upon receipt of your order it is your responsibility to promptly inspect the product for any shipping damage. In the unlikely event damage is discovered, Indow will handle all claimswith the shipper, however all packaging must be saved and the Indow claim process must be followed. Details on receiving your shipment to best protect both you and Indow, and the step by step claim process in the event of damage, is available here.

Your Indow window inserts are backed by a best of class limited lifetime warranty. Details are available here.



Effective – 10/1/2021