Soundproof and Make Hotel Rooms more Comfortable with Window Inserts

Hotel guests want quiet rooms. If outside noise is disturbing their sleep, you can expect an increase in negative reviews. Large hotel windows offer plenty of natural lighting, but they also let noise in.

There's a noise solution that works, and it doesn't require down time leaving rooms unoccupied. Acoustic Commercial Grade Indow inserts are an acrylic window insert designed to greatly reduce noise and drafts and can withstand commercial grade cleaners.

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Acoustic Commercial inserts are an extra layer against sound vibrations. The deeper the window frame, the bigger the air pocket between insert and window—the better the performance.

Our patented silicone compression tube on each insert provides a draft-blocking seal to keep your space comfortable.

How Much Noise Reduction Can I Expect?

A lot. Commercial Acoustic Grade inserts reduce noise from its current level by up to 50% when installed in double-pane windows. When paired with single-pane windows, inserts can reduce outside noise by up to 70%.

We want to ensure our inserts address your noise problem. We will discuss with you the source of the noise, its distance from your space and features of your windows. Read our full Noise Reduction Sheet to learn about how noise infiltrates a space, and how Indow inserts stop it.

Noise reduction compared to a single-pane window

  • 50-70%


  • 25%

    Replacement Windows

*We want to ensure our inserts help solve your noise problem. Overall noise reduction depends on the amount of noise coming through your walls, ceilings, floors, doors, and existing windows. Noise reduction will be less when placed over double-pane windows. Read our full Noise Reduction Sheet to learn more.

Hotel Case Studies

Our inserts block noise in bed and breakfasts, boutique inns and large hotel chains. Here are some of our clients, made happy by a decrease in noise and an increase in guest comfort:

Logos of the clients we have had in the past. Our Case Study Portfolio

Indow Inserts Also Save Money on Energy Bills

A U.S. Department of Energy study found that Indow inserts reduced HVAC usage in a Seattle home by 20%. Portland State University's Green Building Research Lab found similar results.

You'll begin saving money immediately on your hotel's energy bills, increasing energy efficiency and putting more money back into the budget.

average percentage saved on heating & cooling bills






How Much Do Negative Reviews Cost?

The longer you leave your noise issues unaddressed, the more it will cost you. The national average on the effects of a negative review show that a single review can lead to the loss of 30 potential customers.

Four negative reviews will negatively impact your star rating. Our estimates show that a decrease in star rating can lead to a 30% loss in revenue.

Don't delay addressing your noise problem because you can't afford to leave your rooms vacant during a project.

No Construction: Rooms Stay in Service

Window replacement projects are invasive and time-consuming. You are forced to close rooms during construction and lose money due to unfilled rooms. Indow inserts press into the interior of existing window frames in a matter of minutes – no painful, costly transition period.

Each Indow insert is held snugly in place by our patented silicone Compression Tube. It allows you to avoid damaging tracks or magnetic systems, and it leaves no trace when removed.

What is the Ordering Process?

  • Schedule your free consultation & get a free estimate.
  • Place Your Order.
  • Receive our Laser Measuring Kit & measure your windows.
  • Receive your inserts when completed.

Lead times may vary based on our current production queue and the size of your order.

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