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Office Soundproofing to Reduce Train Noise

///Office Soundproofing to Reduce Train Noise
Office Soundproofing to Reduce Train Noise2018-07-19T18:46:38+00:00
  • Indow window inserts used in office for noise reduction

Cheyenne Pepper’s marketing firm Foto Crush needed a new home. The search led her to the historic Olympic Mills building, a tastefully renovated warehouse with a spacious light-filled corner office. It was perfect except noise from the train running outside put office soundproofing at the top of her tenant improvement list.

“We do design and photography for clients like Dreamworks, Disney, and Apple and love working in natural light. The office, with all of its windows, seemed perfect except I cringed at the thought of blasting train horns and worried that the windows would be too drafty.”


She told the property manager that she’d take the space if they would take the train noise reduction requirement seriously and budget some funds for an office soundproofing project.

Acoustic Grade Indow window inserts seemed to be the only solution to insulate the train noise.” Mike Larkin, the Elliott Associates Broker and Property Manager said. “We realized that if we fixed our window problem we could lease the space for market rates… instead of leasing far below market. The return on the investment has been outstanding and we like happy tenants!”


“You don’t have any light getting through them at all,” said Brad. “You block all the light and now we barely hear the outside world. They pop out in seconds when you want to let in the light and are just as easy to reinstall.”


As for the window drafts? “We all have our desks next to the windows… There are no drafts. The space is cozy and our heating bills are lower too.”

Mike is also happy.


“The noise reduction is so impressive we put Indow window inserts into the second floor offices for another tenant. They used to have to interrupt their conference calls but after the window soundproofing upgrade they don’t even notice the train noise. We have budgeted to upgrade the entire west side of the Olympic Mills building with Indow window inserts.”

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