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Indow window inserts preserve your original windows while revolutionizing their performance. With a sleek design that blends into your existing windows, our inserts are easy to install and don’t cause lasting damage to your window frames – unlike other window solutions.

We manufacture every Indow window insert to custom dimensions and ship them all over the U.S. and Canada. Check below to see if Indow inserts are available in your area.


We developed our laser measurement process to create inserts that fit precisely every time, even when the window frames aren’t square. At Indow, we know unique problems require custom solutions. Get a free estimate today from one of our outstanding representatives.


What do they cost?

window attachments cost

Indow windows start at $24 a sq. ft.

That’s only $268 for a for a 3′ x 4′ window opening.


Consider the cost and disruption of replacing your windows. A vinyl window averages $66-$87/sf. A wood window averages $71-$109/sf. With Indow inserts averaging between $24-$36/sf MSRP, your window project can cost a fraction of other options.

If you live in dealer territory, a dealer will laser measure your windows and also install the inserts. They will cover all costs in your estimate, which normally includes a measure and installation fee as well as your local sales tax.