Commercial Soundproofing and Insulation Solutions

Commercial Insulation Solutions

Noise and drafts cost you money. Not only do drafty windows lead to high energy bills, they make employees, customers, and tenants uncomfortable and dissatisfied. If you’ve looked into replacing windows in a commercial building, you know how expensive and disruptive it is. With commercial storm windows, you can reduce hotel noise or help with soundproofing windows for office spaces with no construction.

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Office Noise Reduction

A view into an office where people are working.

Smart facility managers eliminate complaints and increase property values by blocking outside noise and cold drafts for employees and tenants with Indow commercial storm windows.

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Hotel Soundproofing

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A quiet hotel and good night’s sleep is key to your guests’ satisfaction and better online ratings. Indow inserts are an easy, effective solution for blocking noise.

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Historic Building Renovations

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Clients applying for a Historic Tax Credit or those in historic districts want a solution that preserves original windows. The inserts blend into the interior frame and are invisible from the exterior.

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How It Works

Indow inserts press into the interior of a window frame and therefore don’t require any outside scaffolding to install. Our Commercial Grade inserts are custom made for each window with laser measurements so they have a precise, tight fit that makes a space immediately quieter, more comfortable and more energy efficient.

Each insert is edged in our patented silicone compression tubing. Our commercial interior storm window inserts press into existing window frames without damaging mounting brackets, perfect for historic buildings. Mullions can be used for especially large windows.

Our Commercial Grade inserts are durable. They’re made of tough, scratch-resistant acrylic glazing that provides reliable commercial window insulation. Commercial Grade inserts can withstand strong cleaning agents like Windex without clouding.

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The benefits of keeping your windows and insulating with Indow window inserts:

  • Reduces outside noise by up to 70 percent.*
  • Energy savings.
  • Improved employee comfort, key to productivity.
  • Better customer experience.
  • LEED credits and generally a more sustainable building.

*We want to ensure our inserts help solve your noise problem. Overall noise reduction depends on the amount of noise coming through your walls, ceilings, floors, doors, and existing windows. Noise reduction will be less when placed over double-pane windows. Read our full Noise Reduction Sheet to learn more.

Unique Grade Types for Unique Commercial Needs

Your project type is commercial, but is Commercial Grade the most appropriate for your needs?

Both commercial grade types come with an abrasion-resistant film, which is necessary for office spaces that are cleaned routinely or have multiple people handling the inserts regularly.

Each grade blocks drafts. Our premium grades have special features to make your existing windows work the way they’re designed to. To determine the best grade type, consider your primary needs and then consider how trafficked your office space is.

window insert corner
drafts noise
occasional handling standard grade acoustic grade
frequent handling commercial grade commercial acoustic grade

Grade Types

Each grade blocks drafts and reduces outside noises, but our premium grades have special features to make your existing windows work the way they're designed to while providing additional benefits. Click here to read all of our grade descriptions.

To take the next steps on your order, there are two ways to submit your window measurements: an Indow provided laser, or your own tape measure. Either way, your measurements will be checked and confirmed by our proprietary measurement software Measure by Indow. This ensures a snug fit for your custom window insert.

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Performance Data & ROI

Our inserts have been put to the test on soundproofing and energy efficiency by many third-party sources, including the US Department of Energy, Portland State University, and the British Columbia Institute of Technology. The results show that Indow inserts cut down on drafts and noise and put money back into your company’s budget.

All Performance Data

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Case Studies

Indow window inserts have been used in a wide variety of commercial projects, from large hotels to small recording studios. Explore our case studies to find past projects similar to yours and see how Indow inserts change those spaces.

Olympic Mills Building |


“When I remove an insert to show a congregant how they work, we can feel the cold air rushing in.” – Pastor Pederson, McMinnville Cooperative Ministries

Read what our commercial clients have to say about Indow inserts and how they transformed their spaces to make guests and employees calmer and happier.

Commercial Project Testimonials

interior of building with Indow Inserts

Pilot Program

An order of Indow window inserts to address your office window needs will come at a fraction of the cost of a commercial window replacement project, but we understand any project you pursue will affect your company’s budget. That’s why we recommend a pilot project to start off any large commercial project.

Starting a pilot project with Indow does not commit you to any future order. If you like the results, we will be happy to work with you on a follow-on order. If you decide on another solution after completing your pilot with us, we thank you for considering Indow.

Commercial Sales Consultation

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