At Indow, we’re committed to historic window restoration. It’s an integral part of preservation. Our inserts provide a viable alternative to damaging, costly window replacement – learn how window inserts can help your historic building restoration here.

We started Window Hero Webinars to tap the knowledge of the best window restoration experts. Drafty historic windows covered in peeling paint can trick some people into considering window replacement. But original windows are often made from materials you just can’t find anymore: old-growth wood and wavy handmade glass. Old-growth wood is dense, durable, and able to last indefinitely if cared for properly. Glassblowers carefully made the glass in old windows – so different from today’s machine-made float glass.

Historic Window Restoration Experts

Learn everything from how to replace sash cords to removing lead paint safety to the value of original steel windows in our Window Hero Webinar series that makes historic window restoration easy to understand.


Repairing Old Wood Windows with Scott Sidler

Scott Sidler of Austin Historical is an expert in restoring historic wood windows and a master craftsman. He’s the author of the informative and widely-read Craftsman Blog. He is also the author of the new book Old Windows In-Depth as well as Old Windows Made Easy and Living in the Past. He lives in Orlando, Florida where he restores historic windows and homes for a living.


Restoring Frank Lloyd Wright Windows

John Eifler spent decades restoring the historic windows of Frank Lloyd Wright homes before buying one himself in Glencoe, Illinois. An iconic American architect, Wright cared about windows and designed his homes around natural light and views. Eifler reviews his process of restoring historic Frank Lloyd Wright windows and why these original windows are so valuable.


Historic Window Restoration: It’s Not Hard to Get Started

Steve Quillian of Wood Window Makeover in Tampa, Florida believes buildings preserve the stories of a community. Steve demystifies restoring old windows so people feel empowered to work on their windows. He goes over everything from the anatomy of a wood window to how to take apart your sashes.


How to Stay Lead Safe During Historic Window Restoration

Homeowners often wonder: how do I safely deal with lead paint if my house was built before 1978? Catherine Brooks, owner of Eco-Strip and a former board member of Lead Safe America, talks about how to safely deal with lead paint. She is joined by Duffy Hoffman, a restoration craftsman who suffers the side effects of lead poisoning.


Understanding and Maintaining Your Historic Windows

Steve is the author of The Window Sash Bible, which explains all you need to know about historic windows circa 1800 to 1940. He discusses the benefits of old-growth wood windows and shows how to properly maintain and restore them. If you’re getting started in historic window restoration, don’t miss this webinar.


How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Upgrading and weatherizing an old house can seem daunting. Do you tackle windows first or begin by insulating the attic? Are you prepared for an earthquake or even just allergy season? Home performance advisor Irie Searcy explains how you can maintain your home’s charm while making it more comfortable and saving money on energy bills.


Caring for Historic Wood Windows

John Leeke, author of Save America’s Windows recounts a fascinating history of how we got to today: people replacing irreplaceable wood windows with inferior vinyl ones. Scott Sidler, of Austin Historical and author of The Craftsman Blog, also presents in this inaugural webinar about why ripping out old growth wood windows isn’t the answer.


Window Preservation Alliance: Create Community Awareness!

A new alliance has formed to save historic windows and fight the powerful voice of the window replacement industry. Alison Hardy of Window Woman of New England in Massachusetts formed the Window Preservation Alliance to help local historic preservation organizations across the nation.


Restoring Original Steel Windows

Preservation expert Jim Turner knows the value of preserving and restoring original steel windows for both homes and commercial spaces. Jim has spent 30 years in Detroit, MI as an advocate, activist and skilled craftsman, helping to bring many of the city’s beautiful old buildings back to life.


Understanding and Renovating Your Vintage House

Gordon Bock is co-author of The Vintage House: A Guide to Successful Renovations and Additions. Architectural historian and former editor-in-chief of Old House Journal, Gordon is an expert on how people can preserve what’s essential in an home while making it work for modern life.

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