Pickleball — The Noise Heard Around The Neighborhood

Pickleball's Pounding Problem: How Indow Window Inserts Can Serve as an Ace Against the Noise

“It’s like having a pistol range in your backyard” laments John Mancini, 82, from Wellesley, Massachusetts.

"I would get these splitting headaches…" confides Gleyzal, a homeowner in San Diego.

"Living here is hell" shares Debbie Nagle, 67, from Scottsdale, Arizona.

What could be the unexpected connection between these three stories of domestic agony and torturous noise? It’s not new construction, dangerous street racing, or late night partying…

It’s Pickleball.

This paddle sport is rapidly gaining popularity across America. Its rapid growth has led to a boom in court construction, often near homes. But the sport is facing a formidable foe: noise complaints.

The incessant "pop, pop, pop" of pickleball paddles smacking balls is driving some neighbors to the brink, who are reporting insomnia, stress, and even a decline in quality of life.

Image of four people playing pickle ball outside at sunset

The Thwack Heard Round the Neighborhood

Homeowners across the country are bearing the brunt of pickleball's sonic boom. They report increased anxiety and stress as the constant racket is grating and leads to feelings of unease and agitation. Of course, enjoying one's own property becomes difficult when a nearby pickleball court becomes the soundtrack to daily life.

But why exactly is Pickleball noise so annoying while other racket sports like Tennis have never been involved in similar controversies?

Although the decibel levels are not exceptionally high, the “pop, pop, pop” sound of Pickleball playing has some unique characteristics that make it particularly bothersome.

  • High pitch: The sound of paddles hitting the ball falls within a range that humans are particularly sensitive to.

  • Erratic rhythm: The unpredictable nature of the game creates a constant barrage of sound, unlike the steady hum of traffic or lawnmowers.

Serving Up Solutions: Indow Window Inserts

If Pickleball noise is driving you and your family mad, then you need a solution that provides ample noise reduction with minimal downsides.

A common solution is replacing your windows, but this can be expensive and disruptive. Other solutions, like soundproofing curtains, can block the light coming through your windows and simply aren’t all that effective!

Thankfully, Indow window inserts can reduce noise by up to 70%*. They offer a cost-effective, non-invasive, and easy-to-install solution that lets your windows continue to let the light into your home.

Acoustic Insert Sound Test | Indow

Our noise reducing inserts are made with acoustic-grade acrylic and our Snug-Fit Guarantee ensures that your inserts will seamlessly fit into your window frames, creating a tight seal that helps to reduce noise.

Additionally, Indow window inserts serve as an extra layer of insulation to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer, making your home more energy efficient and reducing your yearly energy bills by an average of 20%!

With Indow window inserts, you’ll sleep better, save money, and enjoy your space more than before. But don’t just take our word for it — check out some of thousands of 5-star reviews to see for yourself.

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