Contractor Discount Program

The Indow Contractor Discount Program is designed for companies that want to offer Indow inserts on a one-off basis to customers without the need to meet minimum sales targets or make investments in Indow-specific tools. You will be assigned a personal Fit Specialist that can guide you through project assessment, pricing, and process as you bring comfort and quiet to your existing customers.

The Indow Contractor Discount Program is a great way to help improve the lives of your customers. If you have an existing home performance, products, or construction company and want to extend the value you can bring to clients, our team will support you.

member of contractor discount program installs window insert

Your Role

As an approved member of our Contractor Discount Program you will work hand in hand with your Indow Fit Specialist to bring premium window solutions to your customers. We will support you by helping to assess the windows, the use case, and pricing to ensure your customers are well taken care of. You will be able to provide onsite measure and installation support making the entire process white-glove for your clients.

The Goal

The Contractor Discount Program makes it easy for companies that may perform a small number of annual projects to offer a premier window insulation solution to customers. If you have a single project or multiple opportunities, we can work with you!

One of the biggest benefits of selling Indow inserts: it’s low risk. There is no inventory to carry. Installing the inserts is quick, without the need for tools or a mounting bracket, and it’s easy to do large-scale projects.

Indow inserts are as simple to promote as they are to install—award-winning, US-made, and with performance data backed by independent, third-party testing.


In order to qualify for the Contractor Discount Program you must be able to provide the following documentation:

  • A Certificate of Insurance/Liability with the following:
    • Coverage on an "occurrence" rather than on a "claims made" basis

    • Combined general liability policy & product liability limit of at least $1,000,000 each occurrence, and if applicable, $2,000,000 aggregate

    • Naming of R Value, Inc. dba Indow, 6427 NE 59th Pl, Portland, OR 97218 as an additional insured certificate holder

  • A resale certificate
  • A digital signature on our contractor agreement.

Fill out our Free Estimate form and one of our Fit Specialists will help guide you through the process and help you determine if you qualify. Let us know you’re interested in the Contractor Discount Program in the “How can we help you?” section.

The Contractor Discount Program is Best For Someone with:

  • Existing customers that can benefit from window inserts.

  • A company that will be approved for the Contractor Discount Program.

  • Company that serves either residential or commercial markets, but does not want to invest in the Indow marketing program to grow their lead base.

Beyond these benefits, Indow allows you to become a trusted advisor in the window space by offering a solution no one else can.

If you have a larger team or multiple business locations, we can discuss how to better work with scaling your business in a deeper relationship. Fill out the form and we will work with you to create a custom arrangement.

member of contractor discount program installs window insert

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