Meet the Indow Management Team

Indow is made of creative, ambitious, energy-conscience, fun-loving innovators. We are collaborators who are always thinking of the next way to connect with you and use technology to make our living environment more comfortable and efficient.

Our leadership team uses Certified Lean practices to help run things as efficiently as possible. They prioritize and model inclusion in their day-to-day practices, including encouraging collaboration. This was echoed in our diversity, equity, and inclusion survey where team members most strongly agreed that Indow managers are inclusive, open to new ideas, and allow flexibility for different availabilities or abilities.

We believe that by encouraging diversity, equity, and inclusion, we will access more expansive and varied ideas. That’s why two of our management team members sit on our DEI committee.

See them in action in these videos: What You Need to Know Before You Buy & Soundproofing Windows.

Together our leadership team:

Have 6 Degrees
Started 5 companies
Have 145 years of experience
Renovated 10 historic homes (1 on the Historic Register!)
& Bike 65 miles/week

Sam Pardue, CEO and Founder

Sam Pardue

CEO & Founder

Sam is the CEO and founder of Indow, which he started in his living room in 2010. He invented the product himself with a fellow Indow pioneer employee. Sam ran product development, marketing, and funding as Indow established itself, and remains an active collaborator in each department.

Before Indow, Sam co-founded Lensbaby, manufacturer of award-winning special effects SLR camera lenses. As Lensbaby’s CEO, Sam drove the branding, marketing, and established the global distribution network. Sam’s MBA from Carnegie Mellon and years as Marketing Manager at Intel help drive his innovative spirit.

Sam sits on the DEI committee with other team members to help oversee our diversity, equity, and inclusion practices

Sustainability Superpower: As the Planter, Sam provides stable conditions for his projects to thrive, and nurtures them to their fullest potential.


Brett Myers, Director of Marketing

Brett Myers

VP of Customer Journey

Brett Myers brings 15 years of marketing experience to the Indow team, having built and scaled marketing teams across multiple industries (and countries), guiding businesses through rapid expansion, and delivering upwards of 40% revenue growth. He has thrived in both agency and in-house environments, helping brands like ZoomCare, Oregon State University, Enjoy Life Foods, and a myriad of other businesses tap into growth opportunities while maximizing the impact of their ad spend.

Brett joins Indow with the goals of helping the team scale for the future, strengthening the brand, and elevating their marketing with cutting edge technology, data-driven insights, and market-defining product positioning. He also brings internal communications and employee engagement experience to the team to help build a better business as part of the DEI committee and more.

Sustainability Superpower: Like Storm from the X-Men, Brett controls the weather to bring much needed rain to drought-stricken areas and fire-prone forests, while minimizing the damage from increasingly devastating natural disasters driven by climate change.


Kathryn Brimhall, Indow People & Operations Manager

Kathryn Brimhall

People & Operations Manager

Kathryn oversees all Human Resources functions for Indow. Since joining Indow in 2018 she has supported the Operations and Finance teams, and in 2021 she became Indow’s first full-time Human Resources representative. Kathryn now guides Indow’s full employee experience, from recruitment and onboarding to benefits management to process improvement. She supports this work by sitting on Indow’s DEI Committee and Ministry of Fun.

Kathryn holds a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from Marylhurst University, and earned her SHRM-CP certification in July 2021. Prior to joining the Indow team, she supported operations functions at Schmidt’s Naturals.

Outside of work, Kathryn enjoys long walks along city waterfronts and writing long-form prose. (Ask about her werewolf project!)

Sustainability Superpower: With the flick of a finger, Kathryn can generate clean and accessible energy for mechanical and creative engines.


Klinton Halliday, Indow Production Supervisor

Klinton Halliday

Production Supervisor

Klinton oversees the production of our Specialty Shape inserts, using his keen eye for detail to craft circles, trapezoids, and more. Klinton has overseen forklift certification of multiple production team members and has been involved in the logistics of manufacturing up-and-coming R&D projects. Prior to Indow, Klinton served 3 years as a production manager at Latham Pool.

Outside of work, Klinton practices multiple styles of dance, including hip hop, jazz, tap, salsa, merengue, bharata natyam, and nihon buyo

Sustainability Superpower: Klinton encourages the growth of nutritious, tasty food, making sure that everyone has the energy they need to lead a successful lifestyle.


Mat Vuksinich, Indow Lead Developer

Mat Vuksinich

Lead Developer

Based in Portland, Oregon, Mat has been overseeing the development and optimization of Indow's software systems since 2015, blending innovative design with practical functionality to ensure a seamless and effective user experience.

Ryan Libby, Director of Sales

Rhett Wells

Production Supervisor

Rhett oversees the production of Indow’s core line production, maintaining high standards for the inserts as they’re constructed, inspected for quality, and packaged and shipped to our customers. Rhett brings over 25 years of experience in production management at Molded Fiberglass, Pendleton Woolen Mills, and Hydro, and has led successful teams of 16 to 120 individuals. Notably, he led Hydro’s safety record of zero recordable injury incidents for three years while managing a team of 120.

Outside of Indow, Rhett enjoys riding motorcycles and mountain bikes in the Columbia Gorge.

Sustainability Superpower: Rhett keeps an eye on history to learn from the past and work towards a better future.

Shalen Parker,  Customer Service & Engagement Manager

Shalen Parker

Customer Service & Engagement Manager

Shalen leads the Customer Service & Engagement team, who expertly handle customer communications along multiple channels to inform, update, and connect customers with answers and solutions about Indow products and processes. He holds a B.A. in both Film and English from the University of Oregon.

Outside of Indow, Shalen is an active songwriter and musician, a father of two grown children, and a lover of nearly all things outdoors.

Sustainability Superpower: Shalen hates unnecessary plastic packaging. He actively seeks out products and services that utilize recyclable and reusable materials, especially in food products. This may not be a superpower, but it does require decisive, deliberate, and diligent daily action. He has also found it helps to build a stocked pantry and leads to better (and more frequent) home cooking.

Shawn Schueller, Indow Controller

Shawn Schueller


Shawn leads the Finance and Operations teams at Indow. Since joining the team in 2015, Shawn has been a key contributor to major projects such as streamlining sales tax compliance, inventory management, and budgeting. Prior to Indow Shawn spent 11 years at CaptionMax, serving in both a Finance and HR capacity.

Sustainability Superpower: Shawn’s innovative spirit helps him review any problem and develop a feasible solution. Rumor has it that this is how Shawn invented the wheel, the telephone, and the sun.

Stuart Rosenfeld, Indow VP of Finance

Stuart Rosenfeld

VP of Finance

One of the original members of the Indow team, Stuart brings over 20 years experience in finance, accounting, and operations in both corporate and start-up environments. Stuart has a background in systems, and has managed financial system conversions and upgrades for firms during rapid growth phases. He has worked with Sequent Computer Systems, Photon Kinetics, Chevron Corporation, and Daverci Solutions. He served as the Director of Finance and Administration for Ecotrust, an Oregon conservation-based economic development organization; and founded Zig Zag Wireless, a wireless Internet service provider for multi-dwelling units. Stuart holds a BA in Finance from the University of Washington.

Sustainability Superpower: Stuart can predict the weather with uncanny accuracy.