Noise coming into your home or office can affect your sleep, well-being, and job performance. But there are easy things you can do. Windows are the most likely culprit for letting outside noise in—sound vibrations pass easily through glass and any cracks present.

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Windows are your best place to start when taking steps to soundproof your space. Soundproofing your home has two components:

Sound Reduction—stops noise from entering your home in the first place (through the windows)

Sound Absorption—stops the noise that does get in from  reverberating around the room.

Soundproofing Existing Windows

Stop noise before it enters your space. If air can get in through cracks in your windows, so can noise. Fortunately, soundproofing windows is easy.

Seal Leaks: Caulk any existing cracks in the unmovable parts of your windows, including the interior and exterior surfaces of the frames.

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Window Inserts: Installing window inserts is one of the most effective ways to soundproof your windows. Indow Acoustic Grade window inserts reduce up to 70% of outside noise (depending on the type of window). The easy to install inserts press into the interior of window frames whether it’s to soundproof an office or home. Not only do they block noise, they create a more comfortable and energy efficient space.

Window Treatments: Sound damping curtains or heavy drapes can also help block outside noise from penetrating. They may shut out your view, but hey, at night that doesn’t matter and your room will be cozier.

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Absorbing Sound

Despite your best room soundproofing efforts, the sound that does penetrate can be absorbed once it’s in the room to minimize reverberation. It’s best to avoid minimalist style of exposed brick and wood floors. Consider hanging Acoustic panels. Also, plush rugs with sound dampening rug pads, wall hangings, upholstered furniture and plants will help absorb sound.

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