JR Smith lives in a Montgomery Ward bungalow outside Washington D.C. just 2 1/2 blocks from the train tracks. He loved the house but soon after he moved in he realized he needed help solving multiple window problems. He wanted to block the noise from the train, add energy efficiency, and have more privacy in his bathroom. Thankfully, Indow had multiple window insert options to solve his various window problems.

many window insert options used in this Montgomery Ward bungalow

He loves his home’s four-over-one windows with wavy leaded glass, but he wanted to make them more energy efficient. He also wanted to sleep. And he wanted privacy in his bathroom. He used the multiple window insert options available at Indow to make the windows of his 1923 home work for him while maintaining their historic integrity.

close up of one of indow window insert options

He was surprised that one company had so many window insert options that could address all his window issues. The changes were immediate and dramatic. For starters, his utility bills dropped $100 a month even though he made no other energy efficiency changes. And while he hadn’t been trying to block the train noise, the Indow inserts made his home much quieter, muffling the full-blown whistles from the commuter rail and the Amtrak trains.



customer installing indow window insert options
“The Indow inserts are absolutely fantastic. The exterior noise has been reduced and my utility bill has gone down $100 a month. I’m an all-around happy camper.”

– JR Smith, Washington D.C.


But the differences didn’t stop there. JR used to live in Sicily, Italy where blackout blinds were installed as standard features in bedrooms. In trying to replicate that experience, he bought blackout curtains from the hardware store and taped velcro to the window frame to get a good seal against the light. It still wasn’t 100 percent. Retired from the military, JR has a tendency to wake early, so any light coming in the windows means rise and shine at 5:30 a.m. He wanted to sleep until 7 a.m.

indow privacy grade - one of the window insert options

“If there’s a ray of light coming in the window, I’m up,” he said. He looked to Indow for more window insert options. Lo and behold, there was something to block out light as well. Now, before going to bed, he swaps the transparent Standard Grade Indow insert for an Indow Sleep Panel, which provides the same level of energy efficiency but makes the room pitch black so the early morning rays don’t wake him. In the morning, he swaps them out again.

For his bathroom he bought the translucent Privacy Grade so it’s light-filled without the need for curtains. Solving window problems was easy for JR when he turned to Indow.



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  woman installing indow window insert for noise reduction and energy efficiency