When Joseph and Kim first saw their Astoria, Oregon 1918 Arts and Crafts Bungalow, competing emotions swept through them. They recognized the home’s underlying character but worried about the work required to fix a variety of unsuitable modernizations. They particularly disliked the clunky exterior storm windows, and began searching for other storm window options.

indow window storm window alternative

A labor of years commenced as Joseph removed the offending carpet, resurfaced the ceilings, and renovated the stairways, porch, and numerous other features. Gradually the home’s original personality began to emerge. But he still needed to find a storm window alternative.

indow window storm window alternative

Beneath the storm windows, the original windows were in mixed condition. Joseph replaced broken divided lites with historically accurate pieces of glass sourced from Thorness Glass. The storm windows came off, but the couple worried about the chill that would seep through their liberated windows.



“The house sits on top of a hill, providing the wonderful views,” says Joseph “Unfortunately, previous owners had installed ugly storm windows on the outside that ruined the building’s distinctive character.”

– Joseph, Home Owner, Astoria, Oregon


Indow Window Inserts, the Storm Window Alternative
indow window storm window alternative

After they installed the first insert, the couple was immediately thrilled. “The Indow inserts really blend in and you don’t notice them,” Joseph said. “I walked up and looked close to make sure I could still see that wavy glass!”

Kim and Joseph can now enjoy comfort and quiet while enjoying the satisfaction that comes from restoring a historic Arts and Crafts Bungalow to its true, wonderful character.


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