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Soundproofing Boutique Hotel Windows

///Soundproofing Boutique Hotel Windows
Soundproofing Boutique Hotel Windows2018-12-11T02:49:01+00:00

Travelers go to 21 Broad in Nantucket to unwind. They experienced luxury in every way except one: quiet. The hotel’s management needed to find the best way for soundproofing the hotel windows.

hotel soundproofing

The boutique hotel’s 1872 Victorian architecture beckons in a friendly way on an island of Federal-style buildings. And inside, it’s just about everything a person would want in a getaway. Not only does it have a spare elegance, but the muted colors make you want to exhale in an interior designed by Rachel Reider of Boston.

There isn’t a door, molding or floor that wasn’t polished back into its original glory with a massive recent renovation and expansion. Luxury amenities in this Lark Hotel include a steam and massage room and shower heads infused with Vitamin C to soothe the skin. It’s safe to say management is attuned to what guests want. However, soundproofing hotel windows was a step they had yet to take.

hotel soundproofing

It’s located in downtown Nantucket next to a pub and some street noise. The 27-room hotel fielded a handful of complaints from guests about sound generated by HVAC units in an adjacent alleyway as well as garbage trucks and service vehicles.

Weary travelers wanted less noise coming in through the hotel windows. Since the building is a historic landmark, all the windows are the original wavy, leaded glass, which are gorgeous but no match for the noise of modern everyday living.

hotel soundproofing

Hotel Soundproofing by Sound Dampening Windows

21 Broad doesn’t mess around. It quickly decided to install Acoustic Grade Indow window inserts in the front bedrooms.The day the inserts were installed was a perfect day to test soundproofing hotel windows. The hotel was having construction work done on the exterior that involved saws and jackhammers.


“It was such a drastic difference,” said general manager Dan Matter. “It was night and day. We’re 100% confident it will handle all the noise complaints generated from the street.”

– 21 Broad, Nantucket.


The inserts also blocked drafts to make the rooms even more comfortable than they were. And they’re nearly invisible, so much so that when Dan had to do some maintenance work on a window, he completely forgot the inserts were there.


But most of the time he remembers, because soundproofing hotel windows invariably leads to a space being much quieter. “You can hear the difference,” he said. “You can feel the difference.”

soundproofing hotel windows

Interested in learning more about how window inserts can aid in soundproofing hotel windows? Head over to our dedicated Hotel Soundproofing page.

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