Soundproofing Home Recording Studio with Acoustic Grade Inserts


When Americans shifted to working from home in 2020, many encountered new challenges not found in their office settings. Certain people, such as voiceover artists, found it especially challenging not having access to spaces that were specially designed to help them work.

New Workplaces, New Issues

Voiceover Artist and founder of Big Yapper Productions, Courtney Bess, upgraded from utilizing others’ recording studios to her own home recording studio in Las Vegas. Courtney soon discovered that her home recording studio was in need of soundproofing measures. Outside of her office window a noisy pool pump and six roosters promised to make her new dream home recording studio a nightmare if she could not find a soundproofing solution.

Trying Cheap Soundproofing Material

Courtney looked for solutions to soundproof her home recording studio window. She even considered a window replacement project for a new triple-pane window, but those were well over her budget and could only guarantee 30-50% noise reduction. Recording studios, with their special microphones and other sound equipment, can pick up even the faintest of noises. For that reason, she needed more substantial noise reduction. 

Courtney first went the DIY route with cheap soundproofing materials, such as plywood, insulation foam, and other materials. She covered the window on both the inside and outside. While there was some success with this route, the recording studio’s window became completely inoperable.


Indow Window Inserts for Home Recording Studio Soundproofing

In her search for the perfect home recording studio soundproofing solution, Courtney considered all options from quick and easy DIY projects up to total window replacement. Courtney then discovered Indow window inserts. On the price scale ranging from DIY to window replacement, Indow falls in the middle, offering a solution that is much cheaper than window replacement, while lasting much longer than cheap soundproofing materials. When it comes to performance, Indow window inserts help soundproof your existing window in a big way. Indow window inserts can reduce noise coming through your window by 50-70% from its current level.

“Not only did my Indow let the sunshine it, but it kept the pool pump and rooster noise out.”

-Courtney Bess, Big Yapper Productions

Quiet As a Home Recording Studio Mouse

Courtney placed an order for an Indow window insert in her home recording studio window. After receiving the Laser Measuring Kit provided by Indow, along with its samples, she knew she had made the right decision. She followed the video instructions for measuring and again for installation once her insert arrived. Courtney installed her Acoustic Grade insert in her window frame and could no longer hear the pool pump or neighboring roosters. She finally had a fully functional home sound recording studio.


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