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Comfort in a Portland Historic Home with Interior Storm Panels

///Comfort in a Portland Historic Home with Interior Storm Panels
Comfort in a Portland Historic Home with Interior Storm Panels2018-08-27T22:16:35+00:00
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How drafts were reduced and energy saved with Indow interior storm panels


According to neighborhood folklore, Amy’s 1904 Hosford-Abernethy cottage originally belonged to a cherry farmer with a grand estate. The two-story carriage house in the backyard once had a pulley mount to load horse drawn carriages. But the cottage had a problem with drafty windows. Amy wondered if interior storm panels would block the drafts that remained in her home after an extensive energy efficiency upgrade.

The details of the home’s history made Amy think twice about replacing her windows when a sales rep from a window company pushed replacement. “I glanced at the five figure estimate, then I looked at the rippling leaded glass and custom molding in my windows and said, “No way!?”


Interior Storm Panels were the final piece to Amy’s home comfort puzzle


Amy shivered through a couple of long winters until Zach from Imagine Energy came to do an energy assessment as part of the Enhabit’s energy upgrade program. They laid out a plan with an array of energy saving options including insulation, air sealing, tankless water heater and Indow window inserts. Excited by the opportunity to bring down her utility bills and environmental impact, Amy signed up.

After all the insulation work was done in the walls and ceilings Amy was ready for her interior storm panel installation.


“I knew the house was more efficient but I still had cold drafts coming off the large windows in my living and dining rooms. As soon as they installed the Indow inserts, the chill disappeared. The Indow inserts were the missing piece that made my home both comfortable and energy efficient.”


Some Indow interior storm panels are tailored for window privacy and others for insulation, but one of the performance benefits for all Indow Grade Types is noise reduction. Amy noticed significantly decreased noise from the railroad tracks several blocks to the west. “It’s so much quieter that I moved my office to the living room and I have since added Indow inserts to two more rooms.”

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