On August 1, 2022 prices will change for all Indow grade types. If you are able to place your order, including a deposit, before the price change takes effect on August 1st, we will honor our current prices. Even if your final invoice or shipment does not occur until after the price change, our current prices will apply.

factory worker working on an Indow window insert

Why Our Prices Are Changing

It’s difficult to make the decision to increase prices. When this happens, it is only after much deliberation, analysis of other potential solutions, and a period during which we absorb increased costs passed on from suppliers and shippers. 

Because of 2021’s extended global supply chain issues, we saw costs from our suppliers slowly creep up. Inflation has added another complicated layer to pricing appropriately in order to continue to pay a living wage to our team members.

We pride ourselves on paying all team members a fair wage and believe that investing in team members makes us a better company. 

By continuing to support us, you are supporting a small, sustainable business who sources almost all of our materials domestically, and provides a precise measuring system with a Snug Fit Guarantee and lifetime warranty. We care deeply about your comfort, our built and natural environment, and the products we build. Those things will never change.

How Our Prices Are Changing

We’re telling you now so you have a chance to get an order submitted before the change goes into effect. Reach out to your Fit Specialist or click the “Get a Free Estimate” button to start a conversation. Paying your deposit by July 1st will ensure you receive the prices before they increase.

Whether you place an order before or after August 1st, once you do, you will be investing in your home by making it more comfortable and increasing its value. Our updated pricing chart is below with both price by square footage and cost per window.

New Pricing Effective August 1, 2022

Average cost based on 3×4 foot window.
Grade Type Price /Square Foot Cost /Average Window
Standard $31 $372
Acoustic $40 $480
Museum $40 $480
Privacy $40 $480
Sleep $28 $336
Commercial $44 $528
Acoustic Commercial $49 $588

Shipping Fees

Shipping 1 panel orders can be expensive and more harmful to the environment than bulk orders. For that reason, we are adding the following fees:

$199 fixed shipping fee for all single panel orders

$99 fixed shipping fee for all 2 panel orders

Get started on your order and place your deposit by August 1st to take advantage of our prices before they change: Get a Free Estimate.