Snug Fit Guarantee

The Indow Snug Fit Guarantee is designed to help you measure with confidence and know we are here to support you. Indow boasts a 99.8% first time fit, so you can believe in yourself and our process. We look forward to bringing you comfort and quiet.

The Indow Measure System uses six dimensions to measure the inside of your window frame. These are entered into the Measure by Indow® portal to calculate the shape of your window and allows us to build an insert to create a near airtight seal.

The Indow Snug Fit Guarantee applies to measurements submitted via the Measure by Indow portal and is dependent upon certain conditions.


  1. To be eligible for the Snug Fit Guarantee, you must report the presence of any of the following conditions. Failure to communicate these conditions will nullify the Snug Fit Guarantee. These conditions may cause fit issues if not communicated during the measurement process:

    1. Bowed frames (see instructions for details)

    2. Rounded corners or buildup in the corners due to paint or other debris

    3. Obstructions in the window sill: existing window hardware or blinds

    4. Irregular surfaces at time of measurement: textured material or uneven concrete such as grout or mortar joints

    5. Inadequate frame depth: Indow inserts require ⅝” of flat, unobstructed space perpendicular to the window, or 1 ¼” behind blinds or similar where compression may be restricted

    6. Inappropriate applications: exterior side of window, fireplace opening, door (Indow inserts are designed as secondary glazing to be used on the inside of the home or building and are unsupported for alternative applications unless express written consent from Indow is provided)

    7. Transcription errors, omissions, or negligence: duplicate entries for the same window opening when a second opening was intended

  2. To qualify for the Snug Fit Guarantee, you must only use Indow processes to take the measurements and upload them to our system as directed.

  3. Any errors or warnings regarding measurements which are presented within the Measure by Indow portal must be resolved by accurately reconfirming the dimensions prior to proceeding.

If An Insert Doesn't Fit

If you qualify for our Snug Fit Guarantee and your insert does not fit, you will need to complete our warranty claim process. If your fit issue can be solved with our Frame Fit Kit, it will be sent to you at no cost. If the issue cannot be corrected with the hardware in the Frame Fit Kit, we will replace your insert at no cost to you, subject to a limitation of $2,500 per order. If you opt out of the Frame Fit Kit when it is a viable solution, we will provide a 50% discount on a new insert.

In the event that a replacement insert is warranted, we may request remeasurements (or a new template for special geometry windows). If you measured with our laser, we will send a Laser Measure Kit if needed at no additional cost. Failure to provide remeasured values for a replacement insert within 30 days of our request will invalidate the Snug Fit Guarantee.

If, after receiving remeasure values, we are unable to determine the reason for your fit issue, Indow reserves the right, but not the obligation, to refund your purchase price for the Indow insert(s) in question, as an alternative to replacement.

Any claims made to Indow must be made within 30 days of the shipment delivery date to qualify for the Snug Fit Guarantee.

Effective as of 6/22/2022.