Whether you’re looking to better understand how to soundproof your home or restore and preserve historic windows, the resources below will teach you everything you need to know. We’ve got you covered when it comes to window insulation tips for your home.



Read what our clients have said about window insert projects that have improved their quality of life by blocking drafts, noise, or controlling light. Navigate our articles by category or read them all!

Frequently Asked Questions


Indow window inserts are custom-made and solve all kinds of issues from condensation to noise penetration. Want to know more? Read our answers to frequently asked questions.



Learn from historic window preservation experts how to restore old windows and how to protect, maintain and renovate historic properties or browse through our historic affiliations.

Soundproofing Your Home


Home soundproofing doesn’t have to be expensive. Learn how to soundproof your house using high-performance window inserts and more.



Read about company developments and what Indow is doing to help address climate change, promote window restoration, and improve the built environment.

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