How to Measure Your Windows with our Laser Measure Tool

This page will help you measure your windows, no matter the method. Whether you are measuring with our Laser Measure Tool or your own Measuring Tape, we have instructions to help. We also have tips if your measurements aren’t working and a way to access Measure by Indow (the measure portal for Indow) if you’ve been locked out.

Download our measurement guide and read through all of the instructions.


How to Measure Your Windows with a Measuring Tape

If you are going to measure your windows with your own measuring tape, watch this video for help. Make sure your measurement form and instructions are nearby.

Download our tape measurement guide and read through all of the instructions.


Helpful Tips

Frame step: We have a blog & video all about frame steps!

Unfamiliar terms? Read our glossary of terms.

Read more about our How to Measure Your Windows with our Laser Measure Tool.

Watch our video tips on using the Laser Extension Tool.

Want details on cleaning your insert? Read our care guide.

Especially tall and narrow windows are difficult to measure. If you are having trouble completing your measurements or getting them to validate, please let us know so we can help. Make an appointment below.


Measurements Not Working?

Click here to download our laser measuring trouble shooting guide.

Schedule a support call by accessing our online calendar


Tape Measure Troubleshooting Guide

My measurements weren’t accepted. What now?

  1. Use a metal tape measure. Fabric tape measures can stretch and give inaccurate measurements.
  2. Use the same tape measure to record all measurements.
  3. Keep the tape measure taut across all measurements.
  4. Compare the measurements entered into your Measure by Indow portal to those written on the Measure Form to verify there are no errors.
  5. Review your width (A & B) and height (C & D) measurements. Typically, the left and right heights (C & D) are within ½” of each other even if the window frame is out of square. It is unusual to see a left height of 35” and a right height of 36” on the same window. The same is true for the top and bottom widths (A & B).
  6. Make sure the “Tape Measure” checkbox is checked.

Once you’ve taken these steps, if the measurements still aren’t accepted, schedule a support call at

Request Your Measure By Indow Portal

You need to provide your measurement details through Measure by Indow. A link to the self measure form should have been provided in the first email after your order was confirmed. If you can’t find it, don’t panic! Let us know and we can help with your measurements, self measure kits (laser measure kit), consultation to measurement, or anything you need.