Mike Rogers speaks about Window Insulation

Mike Rogers from OmStout Consulting

Comfort and Energy Efficiency from a Professional

Mike’s approach to improving the current housing stock in the U.S. centers on improving homeowners’ quality of life. That in turn creates a more energy-efficient world with a smaller carbon footprint.

“People are generally not making changes to their homes to save a couple hundred dollars” in energy bills, he said. “By far, comfort is the biggest reason . . . and that has a side benefit of energy efficiency.”

Often when people set out to button up their homes against the winter chill, they think window insulation. In fact, there are 400 consumer Internet searches for “replacement windows” for every “home performance” search. The reason is obvious: people can see and feel their cold windows.

Home performance contractors often rightly explain why replacing old windows is the least cost-effective strategy and guide homeowners into sealing air leaks and insulating instead. While it’s good to steer people away from window replacement, it’s counterproductive to ignore the windows completely. The reason: after spending thousands on air sealing and insulating they can still feel cold drafts coming from their windows and they’re dissatisfied.

The answer? Indow Windows of course! They’re an affordable alternative to costly window replacement. They create warmth and energy efficiency.

A study by Portland State’s Green Building Research Laboratory compared natural gas bills before and after the installation of Indow Windows in four Portland area homes. It found that heating bills dropped by almost 20 percent. Here’s why: the thermal comfort of Indow Windows kept people from turning up their thermostat.


Cold, chilly drafts without window insulation

“Everyone who has drafty windows knows how uncomfortable that can be,” said Mike with OmStout Consulting. “If you can stop the air moving through the window – around the frame and sash – or at least slow it down, you will find it is much more comfortable to sit next to those windows and enjoy the rooms all winter long.” Air sealing, insulating and addressing drafty windows is a winning combination that creates comfort, significant energy efficiency and savings. 

A few pieces of basic advice from OmStout Consulting on improving comfort in your home:

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  • Be sure to air seal before you insulate. 
  • Make sure the ducts of your heating and cooling system are well insulated and well sealed. 
  • Look for contractors who have BPI (Building Performance Institute, Inc.) or NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certification. Those certifications demonstrate they not only understand how insulation works but how it works with everything else in the house.



Your house can be warm and comfortable with proper window insulation and other air sealing measures!