Commercial Grade

Scratch Resistant Window Insulation Panels

Commercial Grade is our most durable window insert for achieving quiet, energy savings, and a more comfortable work environment. Increase your ROI with these scratch-resistant window inserts. Ideal for commercial sites, they have a tougher exterior than our Standard Grade. Use them at home where the inserts need to be industrial strength – whether because blinds, kids, or pets might bump against them, or they need to be frequently removed and cleaned.

Window insulation panels.

Interested in soundproofing your space? Commercial Grade also comes in the same thickness as Acoustic Grade to block 70 percent of outside noise.* Whether you’re a facility manager, hotelier or architect, learn more about the benefits of using Indow inserts in commercial settings by visiting our commercial pages.

How do Abrasion-Resistant Inserts Work?

Since most windows are out of square, every opening is laser measured so we can custom make each abrasion-resistant window insert for a precise, snug fit. They’re edged in our silicone compression tubing to seal out drafts and noise. Visually, they’re no different than Standard or Museum Grade.

The abrasion-resistant coating protects your inserts and your windows better than anti-scratch window film. Anti-scratch window film adheres to your window glass, where Indow inserts press into your window frame (leaving no residue and providing soundproofing). Our inserts also provide higher clarity and protection than anti-scratch window film. Customers have reported kids throwing balls into windows without any damage.

Commercial Grade Inserts are:

  • Made from ⅛” or ¼” acrylic glazing, depending on how much outside noise you want to reduce.
  • Covered in an abrasion resistant coating.
  • Available in warm white, brown and black silicone tubing colors.
  • Nearly invisible once installed, blending in with existing window frames.
Indow Customer Testimonial - Historic Preservation for Commercial Spaces

How our Durable Inserts Perform:

  • Can be cleaned with regular cleaning products; great for locations with routine cleaning crews.
  • 50 percent reduction in noise when ⅛” acrylic placed over single-pane windows, 70 percent reduction with ¼” acrylic.
  • 20 percent average energy savings. (Read this U.S. Department of Energy study on Indow)
Explore complete noise reduction data here. Explore complete energy savings data here.

Testimonials on our Durable Window Inserts

Our commercial grade inserts were used in a famous Alcatraz exhibit by the artist Ai Weiwei to protect the National Historic Landmark’s windows. The former federal penitentiary in the San Francisco Bay draws 1.3 million visitors annually to view the cells of famous criminals like Al Capone and George “Machine-Gun” Kelly.

Commercial grade inserts are also popular in hotels. 21 Broad in Nantucket used Indow inserts for commercial window insulation and soundproofed their street-facing rooms.

“It was such a drastic difference. It was night and day,” said manager Dan Matter. “We’re 100% confident it will handle all the noise complaints generated from the street.”

Commercial window insulation.

*We want to ensure our inserts help solve your noise problem. Overall noise reduction depends on the amount of noise coming through your walls, ceilings, floors, doors, and existing windows. Noise reduction will be less when placed over double-pane windows. Read our full Noise Reduction Sheet to learn more.

Increase the market value of your commercial space by making it more comfortable and quiet.

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Grade Types

Each grade blocks drafts and reduces outside noises, but our premium grades have special features to make your existing windows work the way they're designed to while providing additional benefits. Click here to read all of our grade descriptions.

To take the next steps on your order, there are two ways to submit your window measurements: an Indow provided laser, or your own tape measure. Either way, your measurements will be checked and confirmed by our proprietary measurement software Measure by Indow. This ensures a snug fit for your custom window insert.

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