join renew oregonClimate change is real and we’re feeling the effects with extreme storms, drought and record-breaking wildfires. And we’re the last generation that can do anything to reverse it.

That’s why Indow joined Renew Oregon, the most powerful coalition ever assembled in the state to fight for climate protection. With a singular focus on cutting pollution– by growing the clean energy economy and enforcing clean air rules already on the books– the campaign will build on previous gains and amplify all of our voices.

Join us along with a growing coalition of businesses and workers, healthcare professionals and parents, farmers and ranchers, faith and community organizations, and individuals. Sign the pledge to support policies, investments and actions that will create local, good-paying jobs in a clean, energy-efficient economy, reduce pollution and help families stay healthy.

As individuals we get our cars inspected and pay to have our trash disposed of properly. There are pollution limits in our laws, which we should make sure polluters are held accountable to.

We value living in Oregon for its natural beauty. We need to protect the air and water to keep our communities and families healthy. Oregonians have led the way before. It’s time to renew our leadership. Investing in a clean economy will position us ahead of the nation, as part of a West Coast region, proving there are solutions that help both the environment and the economy.