Indow is made of creative, ambitious, energy-conscience, fun-loving innovators. We are collaborators who are always thinking of the next way to connect with you and use technology to make our living environment more comfortable and efficient.

Our leadership team uses Certified Lean practices to help run things as efficiently as possible. They prioritize and model inclusion in their day-to-day practices, including encouraging collaboration. This was echoed in our diversity, equity, and inclusion survey where team members most strongly agreed that Indow managers are inclusive, open to new ideas, and allow flexibility for different availabilities or abilities.

We believe that by encouraging diversity, equity, and inclusion, we will access more expansive and varied ideas. That’s why two of our management team members sit on our DEI committee. 

See them in action in these videos: What You Need to Know Before You Buy & Soundproofing Windows.

Together our leadership team: 

Have 6 Degrees
Started 5 companies
Have 145 years of experience
Renovated 10 historic homes (1 on the Historic Register!)
& Bike 65 miles/week

Meet the Indow Team; Sam Pardue, Indow CEO and Founder
Sam Pardue

CEO & Founder

Sam is the CEO and founder of Indow, which he started in his living room in 2010. He invented the product himself with a fellow Indow pioneer employee. Sam ran product development, marketing, and funding as Indow established itself, and remains an active collaborator in each department.

Before Indow, Sam co-founded Lensbaby, manufacturer of award-winning special effects SLR camera lenses. As Lensbaby’s CEO, Sam drove the branding, marketing, and established the global distribution network. Sam’s MBA from Carnegie Mellon and years as Marketing Manager at Intel help drive his innovative spirit.

Sam sits on the DEI committee with other team members to help oversee our diversity, equity, and inclusion practices.

Sustainability Superpower: I am The Planter. Giant sequoia trees spring up in my footsteps, sucking carbon out of the atmosphere.


Meet the Indow Team; Stuart Rosenfeld, Indow VP of Finance
Stuart Rosenfeld

VP of Finance

Stuart sees over the entire finance team at Indow. He has over 20 years experience in finance, accounting, and operations in both corporate and start-up environments. Stuart has a background in systems, and has managed financial system conversions and upgrades for firms during rapid growth phases. He has worked with Sequent Computer Systems, Photon Kinetics, Chevron Corporation,  and Daverci Solutions. He served as the Director of Finance and Administration for Ecotrust, an Oregon conservation-based economic development organization. Stuart founded Zig Zag Wireless, a wireless Internet service provider for multi-dwelling units. He holds a BA in Finance from the University of Washington.


Meet the Indow Team; Kristina Damschen Spina, Indow VP of Marketing
Kristina Damschen Spina

VP of Marketing

Kristina is Vice President of Marketing at Indow. She joined Indow as a Dealer Specialist. After successfully managing onboarding and training programs, creating the self-measure program, and becoming the top sales rep in the country, she was promoted to Director of Marketing. There she transitioned the team to agile project management to achieve record-breaking metrics and project goals, including the launch of the new Indow site.

Kristina has over 17 years of experience in media and event production, and has worked with prestigious companies such as the English National Opera and Bonhams Art Auctioneers. Her BA in Theatrical Design & Production and her minor in Art History, inspire creative endeavors throughout Indow, such as the Window Hero Webinars, annual Young Preservationists events, and the Dealer Summit. Her post-baccalaureate in Business Analysis from Georgia State University and 4 years of experience in finance contribute to metric-driven leadership. Kristina uses this wealth of experience and her BPI certification to build strategy and provide the best experience for customers.

Kristina sits on the DEI committee with other team members to help oversee our diversity, equity, and inclusion practices.

Sustainability Superpower: Attracting plastic like Magneto does with metal so I can collect it from all the oceans and turn it into cool stuff at will.


Meet the Indow Team; Tim Hartford, Indow Director of R&D, IT, & Quality
Tim Hartford

Director of R&D & Quality

Tim is the Director of R&D and Quality at Indow. He is in charge of new product development, upgrades to our proprietary software, and product standards. Tim has 25 years of experience in Design Management, New Product Development, and R&D for products and processes, continuous improvement, and engineering for manufacturing companies with annual sales ranging from $5 to $250M. Tim has Patents Pending for new products and processes that were brought to market as well as creating and implementing a new product line that was a multimillion dollar counter seasonal revenue source.

He has project managed the construction, layout, and installation of new factories, and performed quality audits on manufacturing operations all over North America. 

In the IT realm, Tim has managed the implementation of complete ERP systems for two different manufacturing companies and is a fluent coder and power user of 

AutoCAD. Tim graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University and is a certified Project Management Professional.

Sustainability Superpower: Mad scientist ability to design emission free power sources.


Meet the Indow Team; Tim Hartford, Indow Director of R&D, IT, & Quality
Troy Cameron

Director of Operations and Manufacturing

Troy joined Indow as Director of Operations and Manufacturing in 2021. He utilizes creative and analytical disciplines to foster work environments that promote productivity, continuous improvement, growth, and safety. As a leader, Troy puts emphasis on people and processes to grow both the business and individuals.

Previously, Troy worked as Plant Manager at Hydro aluminum. As leader of the Fabricated Components Division, he was responsible for automotive launch and commercial construction. Scope included product development, launch, and production. Troy’s notable automotive launches include Tesla automobile models S, X, and 3. On the commercial construction side at Hydro, Troy’s proudest achievement is the Anaha Towers in Honolulu, a 40-story luxury high-rise near Waikiki Beach.

Prior to Hydro, Troy lead the Woolens Division at Pendleton Woolen Mills, where he headed new product development, process control, and production. He also directed woolen collaborations with companies such as Nike, Ralph Lauren, and Yves Saint Laurent. Troy holds a BA in Business from Oregon State University.