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Independent Representatives

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Commercial Window Manufacturer Dealer Program

Become an independent representative for an innovative product that allows your clients to keep their existing windows while making them energy efficient. Architects, engineers and contractors involved in renovation are eager for solutions that go beyond what’s offered by general commercial window dealer programs.  So are facility managers and those in the hospitality industry. They’re all looking for ways to make original windows energy efficient to both save money and preserve a building’s character. It’s also a solution for quieting outside noise. Introduce your contacts to a durable, flexible solution custom made in the USA.

commercial window dealer programs

Your Role

Independent representatives introduce new products to their contacts in industries such as architecture, engineering and construction, so they understand what might be useful for upcoming projects. This video explains a little bit about how it works.

What’s required is a deep knowledge of your region and how Indow inserts can meet the needs of its architects and engineers working in commercial building renovation or historic preservation.


Why Indow?

  • Unique ability to customize existing windows with a wide range of inserts.
  • Innovative solution for architectural clients.
  • Embraced by historic preservationists: doesn’t alter or damage existing windows.
  • Easy to specify.
  • Guaranteed quality and reliable performance.
  • Available throughout North America.
  • Fast and reliable commission payments.
  • Dedicated rep portal for managing your projects and leads.
  • Ongoing support from a dedicated Commercial Project Specialist.

Beyond these benefits, Indow allows you to become a trusted advisor in the window space by offering a solution no one else can.

commercial window dealer programs

Historic Preservation

Offer architects and contractors working in historic preservation a way to make windows energy efficient without violating historic district guidelines. Indow inserts can’t be seen from the exterior of a building and don’t damage existing windows with a track or magnetic system.

commercial window dealer programs

Noise Reduction: Office & Hospitality.

Indow inserts block up to 70 percent of noise coming through single-pane windows. Appeal to facility managers of commercial office buildings in loud urban areas as well as project managers in the hospitality industry working to quiet guest rooms.

Indow has proven success both as a direct retailer and through an extensive dealer network. Working as an independent rep allows you to achieve your own success promoting our award-winning product, while backed by an outstanding support team. If you’re interested in becoming a trusted advisor in the window space, fill out the form below.


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