Skylight Window Inserts

Skylight window inserts can help solve heat trapped in your skylight, condensation on your skylight, and noise echoing in your skylight.

skylight window insert installed for heat loss and heat blocking

You’re here because your skylight isn’t performing the way you want it to or it’s causing a comfort issue. Read on to see how a skylight window insert can quickly implement a solution.

Why You Need a Skylight Window Insert

You got a skylight to let in some extra light. Now you need a skylight window insert to help with a few issues like trapped heat, echoing noise, or condensation. Indow skylight inserts can work.

Skylights trap hot air, creating a hot pocket that never moves. Hot air rises to the highest point in your home and a skylight is literally pointed at the sun. Once it’s up there, away from the rest of the room with nowhere to go, it just stays there. A window insert can be a good skylight heat blocker and keep the warmed air from heating up the rest of your room.

skylight window insert installed for heat blocking

The cavernous opening of skylights can not only trap heat, but echo noise. Installing a skylight window insert reduces the airspace noise can echo across, plus Indow inserts are made of acrylic which absorbs sound better than glass.

Hot, moist air travels up and touches the cold pane of the skylight. This causes condensation, which blocks the extra light and reason for the skylight. Skylights are often installed in kitchens or bathrooms where there’s extra moist air and condensation is more likely to occur. And it’s not easy to clean a skylight very often. A skylight window insert will block the moist air from touching the cold window pane so natural light can reign down.

Challenges of Skylight Window Inserts

The process to measure and install Indow window inserts is fairly simple, but there are some added steps when it comes to Indow skylight window inserts.

The skylight window insert is not quite as easy to push into place or remove as our standard window inserts because something more than our compression system must keep it in place. All skylights come with retaining pins, swivel clips, and L brackets. They are all easy to remove, but they are an extra step.

The most important key to success is creating comfortable access to the skylight. We generally say that one person alone can install Indow window inserts. With our skylight window inserts, you may need assistance for measure and install in order to attain all of the benefits they offer.

skylight window insert installed in ceiling for heat loss and noise blocking

Why Skylight Window Inserts Are a Good Solution

While installing a skylight window insert may take some upfront work, it’s much easier than replacing the skylight. It will also solve all the issues that are making your skylight difficult to live with or working against its original intention (e.g.: blocking sunlight with condensation).

Getting Indow Window Inserts for Your Skylight

Indow window inserts are an acrylic panel surrounded by silicone tubing that creates an airtight seal to block noise and hot, moist air. Our skylight window inserts are available in sizes up to 8 sq feet.

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