Artifacts Saved From Fading into the
Past by Museum Window Inserts


One of the first things Heather noticed when she was hired as Operations Manager at Heritage Village was the light damage the historic artifacts were receiving. “Our main mission here,” Heather says, “is to preserve our artifacts.”

indow window insert uv protection for artwork

Those artifacts include the interior features of the historic house museum: the floors, the woodwork, the textiles, the furniture. Everything that the light touches, can be faded by UV rays.

Pinellas County Museum is a living history museum, which means history comes alive around you when you visit. You can explore historic homes, schools, and even a general store. Museum employees really want to keep the history of Pinellas County alive, so imagine their disappointment when the very artifacts they sought to bring to light, were being destroyed by it.

indow window insert uv protection for artwork

UV rays actually cause cellulose fibers in fabrics and paper to decompose. That’s what creates the yellow color in artwork and wood that’s had long exposure to sunlight. The employees of Pinellas County Museum have all gone to great lengths to preserve with historical accuracy the details of their county. They weren’t about to let the sun ruin their hard work or that of their ancestors.

indow window insert uv protection for artwork

Heather began researching what products would help with uv protection for artwork and artifacts of their historic house museum. She found Wood Window Makeover who specialize in Indow window inserts.



“We also wanted something that would help us with energy. We do have air conditioning in this house. Which, of course isn’t historic, but it’s for the comfort of our visitors and we needed something that would be efficient. As a county park and museum that’s really important for us.”

– Heather Colliger, Operations Manager Heritage Village


Heather says the whole process was “Really easy, actually. I was really concerned because we are a historic house and we have so many windows here, but the representative Danny Moody came out and explained the product very easily. He answered all of our questions. He even went the extra step and presented all the benefits of Indow window inserts to the board of Historic Society.” A few visits later, and the window inserts were installed. “The installation was really easy. It took him, maybe, half a day,” says Heather.

indow window insert uv protection for artwork

Other than protecting their irreplaceable historic house objects, Heather notes that their energy bills aren’t as high since Indow window inserts were installed. They also don’t notice the traffic noise from the two busy roads they sit near.

indow window insert uv protection for artwork


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