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Stop Window Drafts In Drafty Double-Panes

///Stop Window Drafts In Drafty Double-Panes
Stop Window Drafts In Drafty Double-Panes2018-10-04T23:52:12+00:00

Ann has lived in the Sherwood neighborhood in the west hills of Portland, Oregon, since 1958. She built a beautiful home with high-end, double-pane windows but still found herself needing a drafty window fix.

She had hired architect Christopher Robinson to design a contemporary house in the undeveloped lot next door. Ann, a Frank Lloyd Wright aficionado, wanted the home to have lots of windows, especially on the south side, to take advantage of the copious light.

The resulting house, completed in 2005, is visually stunning but there was one problem: even though Ann had selected high-end double-panes, her favorite reading spot was afflicted by the cold, drafty double-pane windows. “My friend told me about these new inserts and I was immediately interested in them as a way to stop window drafts.”

Stop Window Drafts: Draft-Proofing Ann’s Windows


An authorized Indow dealer brought over an Indow sample and the brown color looked great against the stained fir frames. Ann says the process was easy once she decided to move forward. The sales representative carefully measured her window frames with a laser measuring tool and several weeks later came back to do the installation. During the install Ann left to visit a neighbor.

“When I returned I was surprised because I did not think they had begun the installation, but it was already finished! It was so fast, and the Indow Windows have such a unobtrusive design that I did not even notice them.”

And how has Ann’s favorite reading spot changed since draft-proofing her windows? “The Indow inserts stopped the window drafts. I now enjoy the beautiful light without the chill and it comforts me to know that I am burning less fuel in my furnace.”

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