A radio host suffering from non-stop train noise outside his New Haven, Connecticut home got a call from a stranger about window sound insulation. After they both figured out why, things got a lot quieter.

indow window insert block train noise

Vinne Penn is the host of a well-known radio show in Connecticut. Aggravation at his new living arrangements—right next to train tracks—came out a few times during the show. “The typical comment one gets when complaining about train noise is ‘Didn’t you see the tracks when you looked at the house?’” Vinnie laments, “Of course I did! What I did NOT expect was for the trains to be WORKED ON, directly behind my house, in the wee hours of the morning.”

indow window insert block train noise

Vinnie had moved right in next to a “maintenance sliding”, which doesn’t produce typical train noise. It’s not just rolling along tracks and the occasional train horn. People work on the trains themselves, usually in the middle of the night. Even worse, it was waking up his kids.

He researched how to block train noise and found sound-absorbing blinds. The installation process was too time-consuming. So, Vinnie’s problem went unsolved and his complaints remained patter for his show.

indow window insert block train noise

One of Vinnie’s listeners took it upon himself to give Indow dealer Stu Grant Windows a call and leave his name and number. When Stu called, Vinnie wasn’t sure why they were talking about window sound insulation. Once they were talking train noise, they were on the same page.

Stu came out to measure Vinnie’s windows in the two rooms with the worst train noise. Vinnie says the process “couldn’t have been quicker, scheduled more easily; can’t rave enough.” He says that Stu dropped by and measured for five minutes. Then two weeks later, he came out to install for another five minutes and his problem was solved.



indow window hotel soundproofing
“The Indow window insert took that hammering, banging, shouting from co-worker to co-worker and everything else that comes with midnight maintenance and reduced it to sounding like one car idling softly several blocks away.”

– Vinne Penn, Radio Show Host & Train Noise Sufferer


Since his Indow window inserts have been installed, Vinnie hasn’t noticed the train noises nearly as much. He’s also been surprised by unexpected benefits. “Not only has the noise been reduced but the two rooms I put them in are considerably warmer this winter, too!” says Vinnie.

Listen to his on-air explanation and rave review of Indow.

Vinnie is getting ready to order more window inserts now. He figures if just two Indow inserts brought his house from annoying to livable, then more three more will make it perfect!

indow window hotel soundproofing


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