Beverly thought she had been experiencing a cooler-than-average New Mexico summer. Then she learned it had actually been hotter than usual…outside. The difference? She had followed up on one of her insulation ideas for windows: window inserts to block sun heat from windows. Indow inserts insulate windows from heat by blocking heat gain from the Sun, and Beverly had installed them in all 19 of her windows.

exterior view of home with indow inserts to block sun heat from windows

How to Insulate Windows in Summer

Indow inserts are very effective at making her 1930 Spanish colonial bungalow more comfortable during the summer. Beverly is running her evaporative cooler less and enjoying lower energy bills.

Thanks to the authorized Indow dealer, Current C Energy Systems, Beverly doesn’t have to squint from the harsh white glare she used to see when she looked out her windows. Before, she had to put on sunglasses to look outside. Now the inserts behave like sunglasses for her windows.

Insulate Windows from Heat

Before she installed window inserts, Beverly wondered, does window insulation really work? But her window inserts fit easily into her window frames and now her home is cool through the summers. The window inserts block heat from windows, and noise too!

The other difference in her quality of life? Her house is now remarkably quiet even though she lives in the vibrant Nob Hill neighborhood with the University of New Mexico a few blocks away.

closeup of indow shade grade inserts used for window insulation in summer



Beverly next to her Indow inserts that block sun heat from windows
“I used to have to close the blinds and pull the curtains to keep the afternoon sun from baking the bedroom. Now the Indow window inserts do that job while letting in light. They’re fabulous, it’s just the greatest idea.”

– Beverly, Home Owner, Albuquerque, New Mexico


exterior view of home with indow window insulation for summer

Beverly originally sought out Indow window inserts for energy efficiency and window insulation during the hot summers. Her single-pane windows had avalanches of cold air tumbling off them in the winter and hot air filtering through in the summer. She couldn’t afford to replace them without damaging the historic character of her house and was thrilled that Indow inserts allowed her to preserve her original windows. But in the end they did so much more: blocking solar heat gain, lessening the glare, and creating a quiet living space.



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woman installing indow insert for simple soundproofing in windows