Salem, Massachusetts, a popular tourist destination because of the witch trials, is also home to lots of beautiful, historic buildings with single-pane windows. This combinationnoisy tourists + old buildingshas a lot of renters seeking relief by soundproofing apartment windows.

indow window apartment window soundproofing

Noise Came Right Through Apartment Windows


Noise from bars and restaurants facing Marcel Ollman’s Main Street apartment easily penetrated his single-pane windows. A normal conversation on the sidewalk sounded as if it were in his bedroom. Late night revelers woke him. During snowstorms, the plows loudly scraped against the pavement for hours clearing the key business artery.

He couldn’t convince his landlord to provide any window noise reduction for his apartment, which is an otherwise lovely space in a lively location.

indow window apartment window soundproofing

Soundproofing Apartment Windows with Inserts


New expensive double-pane windows weren’t an option. He knew curtains and blinds wouldn’t do enough to reduce noise and would block his view. Marcel persisted until he found Indow window inserts.

The local Indow dealer* in Woburn, Massachusetts came to laser-measure his bedroom windows for Acoustic Grade inserts to ensure a precision fit. Edged with a patented silicone Compression Tube, the inserts simply press into the interior of a window frame without a mounting bracket or magnetic system. He knew his landlord would approve of this simple, low-impact solution.

After the installation, Marcel finally had a good night of sleep.

*The Indow dealer program ended in 2021. Now customers can work directly with Indow, saving money on measurement and installation fees.



indow window apartment window soundproofing
“Stretching plastic sheeting over the windows didn’t work or look good. Now it’s different, my bedroom is really cozy and warm because of Indow window inserts. Your first night with the inserts is like heaven on Earth.”

– Marcel Ollman, Home Owner, Salem, Massachusetts


Soundproofing Apartment Wasn’t the Only Perk


Marcel’s persistence made his life comfortable in other ways. Accustomed to warmer climates in northern New Zealand, he found Salem’s winters with single-pane windows tough since the wind and chill was coming straight through the glass.

indow window apartment window soundproofing


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