Why Is My Room So Cold? How to Fix a Cold Room

Are you a homeowner who’s wondering why an entire room in your house is always cold? It may just be a chilling draft or a long freezing night, but once you’ve experienced unbearable coldness in the comfort of your own home, you’ll quickly realize that this is not a problem you want in the dead of winter.

There are several reasons your room is getting colder than it should in the winter. Let’s take a look at the most likely reasons.

Common Reasons Your Room Might Be Cold

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How to Test Ductwork or Blocked Vents

Poorly installed or broken ductwork can cause you to have severely cold days and even colder nights. Remember, you also have to maintain your ducts so your room temperatures don’t go to unbearable extremes.

If you’re moving into a home that needs renovations, it could also be that the ductwork size does not fit the new room size.

are another cause of antarctic-filled nights, usually primarily felt in the bedroom. If you’re wondering why your bedroom is so cold, first make sure your vents are at peak performance. Every room should be the same temperature when, for instance, your fireplace is lit.

A poorly functioning vent might not be the problem, though. You may have blocked your vents with furniture, or it may need to be cleaned. Luckily, these are both easy fixes that can make a world of difference.

How to Test Thermostat and Insulation

are another common yet easily missed cause of cold rooms in a house. You might be thinking you’re upping your heat or furnace, but nothing is happening. Or, the thermostat changes the temperature up to a point before giving out.

However, insulation may be the culprit you’re looking for if your thermostat isn’t to blame. How can you tell? If your room’s walls — as well as the room itself — are colder than other rooms, you might have an insulation issue

If your insulation is adequate, more often than not, window cracks are the culprits behind the ice-cold temperatures in a home. But if you’re not certain what the root cause is, there are a few quick tests you can do to be sure of a window leak. Once you determine the location of the issue, your thermostat or insulation issues can be fixed by following a few simple steps.

How to Test for a Window Leak

The first option is simply to look for visible cracks in your windows — both from the outside and inside of your home. Another way to detect drafts is by placing your hand near a window and feeling for air.

You can also perform the lighter, candle, or match test — and a hairdryer might need to be involved. Hold the flame up to the window to see if it is still or gets blown to the side. If the flame pulls towards a particular direction, there’s your leak. If you don’t notice a pull or are unsure, take a hairdryer and give it to someone to use outside the window while you do the test. If there’s a flicker, there’s a leak.

The last test can be done with the help of a thermal camera, which you can buy or rent from your local hardware store. This option is more costly but works a lot faster by exposing the source of energy leaks and poor insulation areas.

After identifying the source of the issue, you can get started on finding a suitable solution to get your home back on track.

If you’ve done one or more of the above tests and find your windows have an opening, or if you identified one of the other reasons listed above as your culprit, there’s a fix. Let’s look at a few.

How to Fix a Cold Room

Fix Your Ductwork

If you’re wondering why your room is so cold compared to the rest of your house, your ductwork may need a fix. Follow these steps to fix a cold room with ductwork issues:

  1. Turn off the HVAC and check the ductwork and heating vents for debris.
  2. Look for cracks in your ductwork. You may be able to fix these with an aerosol polymer spray or some other gap sealant.
  3. Look for any other physical damages and address them.
  4. In addition, scout out if there’s a need to rearrange your furniture so your vents aren’t blocked.
  5. And while you’re out fixing things that affect the temperature of your room, it might be a good idea to check your air quality as well.

Fix Your Thermostat

Check the thermostat and the results it shows. Is the display working? Is your AC or furnace responding to the inputs from your thermostat? Are there differences in temperature between rooms? If you’re having thermostat issues, try doing the following:

  1. Clean your thermostat.
  2. Replace the batteries.
  3. Check your HVAC power circuits
  4. Troubleshoot older thermostats by opening them and pushing the metal strip in either direction.

If all of these fail, it might be time to replace your thermostat once you’re sure it is the source of your temperature disparities.

Fix Your Insulation

If your walls, ceiling, and roof are also cold, the insulation might be compromised and require fixing. Additionally, you might want to check the fireplace if you have one, as well as your chimney, for any possible damages to the insulation around them.

Insulation issues can also prove a hassle during these pandemic times when most of us do more virtual calling. Poor insulation means more noise on our calls, and less peace and quiet to work in.

Wall and ceiling insulation issues often require professional assistance to ensure safety and proper maintenance. However, if you’re dealing with window insulation issues, there are a few ways to fix this problem without having to hire professionals. With this being said, not all DIY solutions are the best.

Bubble wrap or saran wrap both act as quick fixes for insulation problems, but they come with a few drawbacks:

  1. You would have to redo them every year.
  2. You’re likely to have window damage due to the do-it-yourself nature
  3. You risk having to repair or repaint the area, costing more money and time

Fix Your Windows and Doors

Are there any holes in the frame or the casement of your windows? If you did one of the tests above and found your windows have an air leak, caulking might be the solution for your cold air woes.

To utilize this temporary fix, follow these steps:

  1. Clean the area you want to caulk with soap and water.
  2. Once dry, steadily apply the caulk at a 45-degree angle to really get into those cracks.
  3. Use a putty knife to push the caulk into cracks if it leaks out.
  4. Once dry, and only if you’re not sure you put enough on there, apply another layer of caulk for security.

Keep in mind, caulking works best if the temperature is 45 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

For air leaks that lie between the window rail and the sill, you may try weather stripping.

  1. Start with a clean, dry area.
  2. Measure the width of the window.
  3. Cut your weatherstripping to your measurements.
  4. Apply using the manufacturer’s instructions.

There are a few other ways to seal your windows ahead of the winter months . But if your windows are old, it’s best to consider additional solutions.

At Indow, we want you to have a beautiful home. One of the best ways to maintain your home’s beauty is to prepare it for the seasons. There are various things you can do to prepare for cold months , several of them detailed above. However, it’s important to do it the right way.

Temporary solutions may work under tight time constraints. However, there is an idyllic, long-term solution for insulation issues and window leaks.

Inserts for a Guaranteed Cozy and Quiet Winter

If your home is not insulated properly or has leaks, you may also be subjected to poor sleep or find yourself using only a few rooms in your house.

Your cold room issues can be a thing of the past with our high-quality, sustainable window inserts. They not only provide insulation coverage, but they can also soundproof your home and reduce your carbon footprint.

Instead of implementing a temporary fix — like bubble wrap or saran wrap — you could be enjoying maximum insulation thanks to our acrylic inserts that work better than traditional glass ones.

Why not just buy new windows? Purchasing brand new windows for your home can be extremely expensive . Not to mention, most warranties on newer windows don’t last very long. Plus, you would have to dish out even more money for professional services, which is what you would need in order to ensure a proper installation.

And what if you want to preserve your windows? Historic homes lose part of their charm when you remove the original windows and replace them with modern options; not to mention, you may not be allowed to replace your historic windows.

With our inserts, you can keep your gorgeous historic windows without suffering through the winter. Plus, you spend a lot less money and easily recoup the investment compared to what you would’ve spent on brand new windows.

Get an Estimate for Free

At Indow, our window inserts offer a cost-cutting solution for every homeowner who has to deal with the fierce winter weather this year and in years to come.

Want to enjoy a quieter, more comfortable home while saving money? Get a free estimate today and find out what your personalized solution using window inserts will look like.

Customer Reviews


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Matthew L

Indow inserts were easy to measure, order and install. They've provided great insulation for old single-pane and stained glass windows in an antique home. We can significantly feel how much better the home holds heat.

Posted 2 days ago

Ellis W

I ordered two Indow inserts for my home. They are doing a great job, entirely happy with them and the ordering process.

Posted 1 week ago

Elizabeth W

I can't say enough good things about this product and company. Our house is 101 years old and the sidelites next to our front door are single pane ancient wavy glass which means when it gets very cold (Chicago temps) we can have an inch of frost covering the INSIDE of our windows. I was desperately searching for a solution so our front vestibule was not so cold and a friend recommended Indow. The process could not have been simpler and the temperature difference it has made is off the charts.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Austin T

I have several historic single pane gridwork mullion windows. They're beautiful but have almost no thermal protection. Indows proved to be the perfect solution to preserve these windows while getting the thermal comfort we need. They were easy to install and work perfectly!

Posted 3 weeks ago

Kathryn M

Amazingly easy to install even the safety chain holders. I. Noticed an immediate sound level difference and the room atmosphere became more solid feeling and pleasant. They also gave an insulating feature to the window drafts are non existent! The house is 50ft off a State highway that is heavily traveled in warmer months I'm confident the indows will handle it. I'm very pleased!

Posted 1 month ago


We ordered the acoustic inserts to help with road noise, and we've been sleeping so much better with them!

Posted 1 month ago

Sienna K

We used the windows inserts in our skylight. They are great! They the horrible drafts and noise out and were cost efficient. My only comment would be to provide better measurement and installation instructions for skylights specifically. It took us a lot of guessing and research to measure and install because skylight directions were not provided and the windows install guide doesn't always apply to skylights. Other than that though great product and I would buy again!

Posted 1 month ago

ted t

Our home was built in the late 1800s and we have spent a lot of money over the last 20+years restoring it.We did not want to replace the windows with modern windows because of the cost and originality. But the single pane windows come with a price also. the main reason we purchased the Indow window inserts is because of the condensation on the inside of the windows.We would literally have a take a towel and wipe them down every morning in the winter. There would be a puddle on the sill,and wood and water dont get along to well. SO we looked into the best solution to our problem and found Indow. Was reluctant to spend that much money but am super glad we did!! They have been installed now for over two months and our condensation problem has been virtually eliminated.!!! AND our furnace does not run as much as it did before. Over all it was money well spent!! The process was a little scary at first but they have a simple formula. And our contact person,Reed was awesome. Answered any questions i had and was always available.

Posted 1 month ago


Used to block interior side of a garden window in the the kitchen. Without insert, cold air literally poured into the kitchen making a winter jacket almost mandatory when preparing meals or washing dishes

Posted 1 month ago

Rob S

Highly recommend! The team (Brian) took time to help me figure out the best solution. They were made and delivered faster than expected. It was very rewarding to install them because I could feel the cold air get squeezed out as they went flush against the single pane of glass. Solid quality and great fit.

Posted 1 month ago

Alexa L

My inserts fit beautifully into my 125 year old windows - many of which were 5 feet tall. Easy to unwrap and install. Great product and even better service! I liked the process of measuring the windows with a laser measuring tool which was easy to use and precise. The product came in good condition after shipping across country and was well marked. The customer support was excellent.

Posted 1 month ago

Sarah D

Received our Indow Windows and can tell they are blocking a lot of the noise we could hear. Right now the weather is mild, but hoping to notice a big difference when the summer heats up. Our house is in a historic district and we cannot change our windows. They are very drafty and thin glass. We only ordered two, but we are in the process of ordering for four more. Love that we don’t need to drill holes or anything and they just pop right in.

Posted 1 month ago

Allan F

Every thing arrived in perfect condition, thanks to the very secure packaging. Windows fit as expected, although quite tight. After installation we noticed that the cold drafts were gone and the room felt a lot warmer. We are very satisfied with the product and the result.

Posted 1 month ago

Adriana W

Great customer service! Super satisfied with our windows.

Posted 1 month ago

Thomas M

Indow service and product is good. Reduced outside noise considerably.

Posted 2 months ago