We Hire Refugees badge refugee support initiative created by IndowAt Indow we firmly believe that business can be a positive force for good. It’s the reason we’re working to make historic home energy efficiency more available to fight climate change. And it’s the reason we partnered with our local Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization to launch We Hire Refugees. It’s an initiative designed to rally the business community to declare that refugees strengthen our communities, businesses, and country.

The idea for this started last April when we were struck by the negative political rhetoric surrounding refugees. It didn’t reflect the refugees employed at Indow who are among the finest people we know: Myo, Myo-Naing and Khin, who are from Burma and Ahmed who is from Iraq. They are working to build their lives in a new country after fleeing oppression and war.

Having a stable job is key to successfully integrating into the U.S. Even though refugees undergo rigorous background checks and are fully authorized to work when they’re granted entry, it can be hard for them to find jobs, the cornerstone of a stable life in the U.S.

The We Hire Refugees initiative reads in part:

We, the undersigned, believe hiring refugees makes our communities stronger and our companies more competitive. We know refugees are often highly skilled and have strong work ethics, in keeping with a nation built by hardworking immigrants. We know refugees often become valuable and loyal team members. They become one of us.

But beyond that, we know that the world is going to see an increasing number of refugees as climate change continues to cause rising seas and drought. Look at Syria. A severe drought – worsened by climate change  – contributed to the Syrian conflict and its refugee crisis. Over time, rising seas and increased floods and drought will displace more people and so it’s incumbent on the world to be open to helping and welcoming refugees.

We understand that not all businesses are in a position to hire refugees. But it’s still possible to sign the declaration and use the We Support Refugees or We Welcome Refugees digital badges provided on the site.

Please join us in supporting refugees!