A viral campaign sprung up in October of last year. The premise? Planting trees to offset carbon. Mr. Beast asked people across the internet to create content of their own to spread the message: tree donations are here to save the planet, and they’re only $1.

At Indow, not only do we love trees, but we’re all about climate change mitigation. We made our own campaign, full of tree puns (because how wood we knot?) and important information about how trees offset carbon and create a healthier, cooler, more breathable world.

man dressed as a pile of leaves explains how tree donations help with energy savings

Indow Customer Tree Donations

Thank you to everyone who participated. Whether you made tree donations, shared our videos, or learned something new about trees, we appreciate it. It takes community and collaboration to fight climate change and make a better world. Every one of you made a difference.


The Best of the Worst #TeamTree Puns

Every video contained fascinating facts about planting trees to offset carbon. One video even features a therapy session with a confused evergreen. Each and every video had puns. Wonderful, horrible puns. Here are a few of the best:

We’re a bunch of saps for the environment and had to get involved. –Indow Founder, Sam

This series is going to grow on you, trust me. –Kristina, Licensed Tree Therapist

Throwing some tree shade on an a/c unit can increase energy by 10%. That’s unbeleafable! –Sir Heap

I feel sorry for any poor sap standing on the other side of the trees. –Lumber Jack

I’ll go out on a limb and say that’s why we seek those shady trees in the summer. –Cool Kat


Tree Donations & Climate Crisis Solutions

#TeamTrees (and Indow) recognize that it takes more than planting trees to offset carbon to solve the climate crisis. We all need to make radical changes starting at home (like installing energy-saving window inserts) and expanding to who we vote for. But, tree donations certainly do their part.

Watch our #TeamTrees videos to learn about what kind of impact 20 million trees actually has on our environment. Call out your favorite pun in the comments… unless you’re stumped. Subscribe to our channel and keep an eye out for more advice on energy efficiency in your home.

It was a tree-at talking to you!