Solving Brooklyn noise problems with window insertsThe large windows let beautiful light into Laurie Duncan’s Cobble Hill apartment in Brooklyn but along with it came street noise and cold winter drafts. The chill was her seasonal challenge in the converted warehouse-apartment she and her husband bought 17 years ago. The solution she found for comfort and energy efficiency also delivered a surprising fringe benefit she’s come to value the most: quiet.

New York City winters are tough. New York City winters with enormous windows so drafty they send the shade swinging back and forth are merciless. This not only was uncomfortable, the sharp temperature swings between the heat being on or off were destroying her husband’s guitars.

But what ultimately spurred them to fortify their home against the brutal weather was a quest for energy efficiency. “We were so excited we were making such strides in our energy consumption and monetary outlay,” said Laurie. “We asked, ‘What else can we do?’”

They were staring straight through it: stop the window drafts that could be felt a yard away! Their loft-style apartment is one room with three huge single-pane wood-framed windows in a landmarked building. Replacing them would cost a fortune. Trying to blow dry plastic wrap over them was an unsightly pain. They needed something simple, easily removable, affordable, and effective.

So they kept researching. And then she found Indow window inserts.

“And I went crazy: this is the most obvious idea ever and it doesn’t seem like anyone has ever thought of it.”

Her windows were completely out of square with almost a full inch difference in width from the top to the bottom.

“It narrows and slants,” she said. “Nothing is flat and nothing is at 90 degrees. Is it going to be possible to accommodate that?

Since Indow window inserts are laser-measured to ensure a precise fit, it doesn’t matter how much a window has settled out of square.

“They look perfect and no one knows they’re there,” said Laurie. “It has truly improved the quality of our life, which I know sounds like a ridiculously cliched thing to say.”

And while she didn’t buy the Indow windows for their noise reduction properties, the quiet they provide is arresting. In New York, Laurie explained, people automatically filter out noise because otherwise “your head would explode.” The buses, the sirens, and the English pub across the street that gets loud during televised soccer matches are now all hushed.

She solved her Brooklyn noise problem and also keeps New York winters at bay.