Portland State University’s Green Building Research Lab recently released their report on testing Indow Windows, our custom made interior storm windows.  The pilot study ran over one year and studied before and after energy use in four homes.  On average each homeowner saved just under 20% on their energy bills!  What’s really cool, er, we mean warm about this report is that the scientists’ computer models predicted that the Indow Windows would save 10%.  They theorize that the extra energy savings occurred because the homeowners were so comfortable that they did not reach for the thermostat to turn up the heat!  Wow!

Read the full report here!

Green Building Research Lab tests of Interior Storm Windows

Noise abatement testing. Sound source is located at a specified location interior to the test fixture (outside environment) while noise levels are measured by the tripod-mounted microphone located outside the test fixture (inside environment).

Interior Storm Windows That Deliver So Much Comfort You Save

It sounds to us a lot like these homeowners were getting paid to stay comfortable, right?  We have some of our own theories about why Indow Interior Storm Windows deliver so much comfort.  First, Indow Windows are almost completely sealing out the cold drafts.  The Compression Tube forms a, well, snug fit all the way around.  Second, our interior storm windows are made of acrylic, which just does not radiate cold the same way that glass does.  Did you know that a cold surface can literally suck the heat out of your body?  Those cold single pane windows are kind of like vampires sucking heat right out of you and Indow Windows are the wooden stake!

Computer Model for testing Interior Storm Windows

The Green Building Research Lab study was conducted on four older homes with single pane windows in the Portland, Oregon climate.  The full report is available here and we will be posting a summary of the results soon, so stay tuned!

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