Changing up your office activities for summer can be fun, save money, and bring new sustainability in the office. We can’t let kids have all the fun with their summer vacation. Adults need to kickback and enjoy their summers too.

Swap hot coffee for cold brew.

We’re lucky. We have a coworker who makes us cold brew all summer long. We don’t have to wait in line in the hot sun or pay $5 to have delicious cold coffee. We just have to open the fridge door and there it is.

office activities for summer: cold brew coffee

It saves on electricity too. Ryan makes a big batch as he leaves the office and stores it overnight so it’s ready for the morning crowd. No using our industrial coffee pot each morning, heating up the kitchen. Sustainability in the office couldn’t be more delicious. It’s summer perfection. 

Here’s the recipe:

1.5 cups of coffee beans

8 cups of water

  1. Coarse grind the coffee beans and put them in a nut milk bag
  2. Add water to an air sealing kimchi crock or just a pitcher
  3. Submerge the beans and leave in the fridge overnight
  4. Dilute coffee with milk or water (2:1 ratio recommended)* 

*Some of us drink it straight and suffer no side effects.

Summer Sustainability in the Office

Create green challenges like bike contents. As the days get nicer, it’s easier to hop on a bike and ride to work. We joined the May bike contest and it was nice to see coworkers log miles and make a big dent in our carbon footprint. You can offer incentives for hitting office goals or individual goals.

sustainability in the office through biking

Find other little things for sustainability in the office. Keep the lights off and let natural light in while it’s here. Work from home on days when it’s possible. Skipping a commute altogether when there’s no pressing need to be in the office saves CO2 and gets employees an earlier start to their evening summer activities. 

Other ways to be more sustainable in the workplace: exchange your paper towels for rags in the bathroom. We each get a rag that we hang with a peg associated with our name. Instead of throwing away multiple paper towels, we use our rag and wash it once a week.

Create Comfort Zones in the Office

Make a nap room that’s dark and cool for people to relax or recharge in, or even get over a headache.

office activities for summer include nap area

Address temperature issues in your office so you use less a/c and everyone is more comfortable. We use our window inserts to block hot air to control our office environment. Placing them in conference rooms that get especially hot or have a lot of windows help you use a/c only where you need it and where there’s airflow.

What office activities for summer does your office participate in? Do they help you bond? Collaborate? Go green? We want to hear them!