Architects, general contractors, general managers, building owners, etc. should know that we offer a pilot program to test out our large storm windows in your commercial buildings. Perfect for hotels with noise problems, government building projects, and apartment buildings undergoing renovation.

Noise can lead to lost revenue via customer dissatisfaction and decreased worker productivity.

Historic properties may have energy and money literally going out the window.

indow window large commercial windows

Window inserts bring immediate, sustainable relief—cutting noise, stopping drafts, and reducing energy loss the moment they are installed. Best of all, installation takes minutes and requires zero construction with no disruption to guests, workers, or tenants.

Place an order on just a single room to see if your issue is resolved before moving forward with your project. No obligation, no minimums, just relief.


  • It’s just a test, no commitment to a future order
  • Small investment that will pay itself back
  • The sooner you resolve these issues, the sooner your occupancy rate goes up, employees and tenants are happier
  • Installation of large storm windows is instant once they arrive
  • Small part of budget now to plan into budget for next fiscal year

How Our Pilot Program Works in Commercial Buildings

Contact us, your window experts.

Get a free consultation. We’ll figure out what your issue is, the best grade type, and room to test: usually the worst offender.

Next, you enter your window measurements into our proprietary measurement software which automatically checks your measurements.

Inserts are sent to you.

You test as long as you want, however you want. We can help with a plan that works for your commercial building.

We stay in contact to make sure things are going well. But we won’t be annoying.

indow window large commercial windows

Ways to Test Inserts in Commercial Windows

You can use acoustical equipment, but one guest can be so much more sensitive than the next—their feedback is invaluable. Some hotels offer incentives to guests for feedback, such as a free breakfast. That’s up to you.

Frank, the General Manager of Embassy Suites Orlando, had all the managers on his team take turns sleeping in their pilot room to test the noise coming through their commercial windows.

indow window large commercial windows

If Large Storm Windows Don’t Work Out

Because the project fell through, or the budget wasn’t approved, or the window inserts just didn’t work for you—then that’s it. We really appreciate you trying them out! We appreciate any feedback you have and if you run into anyone for whom our window inserts would work out, let us know.



indow window this old house
“You came in and, I want to say, within one day installed 167 windows. I was amazed by that. I thought it would take several days to do. I would say the number of complaints we get from outside noise has probably dropped 70-80%”

– Frank, General Manager Embassy Suites Orlando

“Acoustic Grade Indow window inserts seemed to be the only solution to insulate the train noise. We realized that if we fixed our window problem we could lease the space for market rates… instead of leasing far below market. The return on the investment has been outstanding and we like happy tenants!”

– Mike Larkin, Elliott Associates Broker and Property Manager



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