Indow CEO writes an Op-Ed in support of a new climate policy


Indow CEO Sam Pardue published an Op-Ed in the Oregonian in support of a new climate policy less reliant on fragile international treaties. A key point: our policies to combat climate change must be resilient enough to survive the political and economic disruptions that climate change will inevitably cause. You can read the full Op-Ed here:

Sam has been concerned about climate change for over 25 years. Shortly after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a Master’s of International Affairs he began working at the Center for National Security Studies at Los Alamos National Lab. His primary responsibilities were analyzing and writing about nuclear weapons arms control and non-proliferation, but he carpooled to work with a climate scientist and an expert in energy policy. The trio often discussed the looming issue of climate change.

“Everything we discussed about climate change at that time is happening now, only worse and faster,” Sam said. “What we did not fully appreciate back during our carpool discussions is how ruthlessly the carbon extraction industries would resist reasonable policies and how willing they would be to lie to maintain their lucrative financial interests. Willful blindness is hard to anticipate.”

His desire to make his 1906 Portland Craftsman house more energy efficient was a main motivation for inventing the compression-fit window insert and starting Indow. “I had the greatest job in the world as the CEO and Co-Founder of Lensbaby but after Mark and I came up with the Indow window insert, I felt I should give it a go. So I stepped down from my role at Lensbaby and have put everything I have into Indow. Our hope is to build Indow into a for-profit carbon mitigation machine.”