Completely soundproof windows aren’t possible if you want to, ya know, see out of them or open them ever again. As blogger and preservation expert Scott Sidler says, “I’m going to spoil the surprise right now by telling you that there is no such thing as soundproof windows, BUT there are things you can do to dramatically cut down on the noise coming through your windows no matter what kind of window you have.”


He’s talking about us: Indow! In his blog post How to: Soundproof Windows, he calls our window inserts “The closest thing to soundproof windows”. He goes on to talk about his personal experience with Indow window inserts in his home. FAIR WARNING: it includes a video of our inserts in use with some rock and roll.


If you need soundproofing in your space, check out our home soundproofing guide. It will help you review your space as a whole to find where noise is entering and how to block it. We have a team of window soundproofing experts who can provide a free estimate for your home once you are ready.