Can having clear and powerful mission, vision, and value statements make a difference?  At Indow Windows we think so and so we thought in our very first blog post we should share the story of ours:


When we founded Indow Windows in 2010 we wanted the company to play a positive role for our community, employees and customers.  Very early on we decided that to do this we needed a clear mission to guide our efforts and this is what we authored: 

Indow Windows provides homeowners with comfort and quiet while helping them achieve financial and environmental harmony.  

This mission continues to feel good to all of us here and when we keep it in mind every Indow Window installation feels like a small victory.  If we keep this mission as our guiding star it will ensure that we do in fact make a positive difference for our customers, community, and the people we work with.


One of my motivations for inventing the product and starting the company was concern about all of the energy pouring out of the windows in my own home with all of that waste contributing to the carbon emissions that were driving climate change.  As I did my research I realized that the problem was much vaster than my own home.  Consider this: according to the US Energy Information Administration buildings consume 41% of all energy in the USA.  In residential and commercial buildings almost 50% of that energy is used for space heating and cooling.  Windows are the largest single source of energy loss from residential structures, bleeding out around 30% of the energy used for heating and cooling.  According to the DOE, abou 44% of the residences in the USA still have single pane windows.  Wow!  How could a small start up with a humble product contribute to such a huge challenge?

Our vision is that Indow Windows will learn continuously how to provide Indow Windows ever more efficiently and that as we become more efficient we will share the increased margins with our employees through higher wages, with our customers through lower prices, and with the company through reinvested profits that will fuel more growth and more carbon reductions.  There are still a billion single pane windows in the United States, let’s see how many of them we can help!


If our vision was to harness continuous learning and growth how could we create a culture to encourage this virtuous cycle?  Could we create set of values that would guide our daily work to help us achieve something improbable?  We decided the answer was yes when we chose these seven values.

  • Humility
  • Confidence
  • Creativity
  • Discipline
  • Each other
  • Our company
  • The planet

Creativity guides us to new solutions.  Discipline helps us bring these ideas to life.  We thrive when we follow well designed processes while continuously innovating better ones.

Confidence emboldens us to risk new paths.  Humility helps us learn from our mistakes.  We grow when we are humble enough to learn from the mistakes we dare to make.

If we use these four values to continuously innovate and learn we will be able to achieve that virtuous cycle at the heart of our vision for this company.  Our vision, again, “We will continuously learn so that we can share the increased efficiencies with our employees through higher wages, with our customers through lower prices, and with the company with reinvested profits that would fuel more growth and carbon reductions.”

We hope to use this blog to keep our community informed about our progress towards our vision and to invite you both to share in the benefits and to help us on our way.


Sam and the Indow Windows team