Mandi Gubler Solves Her Noise Problem

Nationally acclaimed blogger and DIY expert Mandi Gubler of Vintage Revivals could hear traffic noise coming through the century-old mercantile she’s turning into a home and office in a historic building renovation. It was way. too. loud.

As Mandi knows, noise can be a real problem. One of the building blocks of a comfortable home is quiet – so you can think. And no drafts – so you don’t shiver. And good design for everything inside it. Fortunately, Indow window inserts delivered all three for Mandi.

Thank goodness she discovered Indow window inserts! She made this nifty video to talk about why Indow Acoustic Grade inserts were the answer for her storefront windows.

Mandi doesn’t just know how to tear down walls and install flooring. She’s also got a eye for good design. She knows how to make a space sing. So when she turned to Indow inserts for the mercantile’s huge front windows and said they actually made the existing historic windows look better, we were really happy.