Winter brings holidays, and cold, and visitors. We’re happy to have them! But family visits always come with uncomfortable moments that we’d rather avoid. Here are some tips to make our guests’ stay as comfortable as possible.

holiday family visits

Short Term House and Holiday Plans


1. Leave water and snacks in their room.

While you’re busy making up the guest room, don’t forget the small creature comforts that will make your guests feel at home. Adding water and some food to their room is a nice welcome that will put them at ease and make them feel taken care of immediately.

2. Put extra blankets or a space heater out for family visits.

Depending on where these family visitors are coming from, your hometown might be very cold for them. Giving them the option of more heat, without having to ask, is another way to say you’re thinking about them.

guest room with added blankets for family visits

Beautiful guest room by Ivory & Iron.


3. Add a reading light.

Make sure there’s a low light option, or a night stand lamp to read by. Traveling family visitors are out of their element. Allowing them to stick to parts of their routine help them stay happy and ready to celebrate the holidays.

4. Don’t make your guests ask for things.

Try to think through a typical morning and evening routine, do your guests have easy access to everything they need? Towels, toothpaste or shampoo if they forgot theirs, extra toilet paper, etc. The more you give access to basic necessities, the less they have to interrupt you to ask.

Long Term House and Holiday Plans


1. Upgrade your guest room.

If you’re hosting family visits this year, you might want to take some time to improve your guest room. Spend a night or two in it to see what’s missing and what could make guests as comfortable as possible.

side table with objects to guests comfort

Guest room side table by The Gold Hive.


2. Add warmth & noise control with window inserts.

If, while you’re spending time in the room, you notice it’s cold or noisy, consider adding window inserts. They easily press into place and add multiple degrees of heat to a room. They also can block up to 70% of outside noise.

3. Make a space you want to spend time in.

The guest room doesn’t have to be just a guest room. Creating a nice space that both you and your guests are comfortable in is possible. Then it isn’t only useful during family visits. Try creating a zen space that’s calming for you and will make guests as comfortable as possible.

4. Reconsider house layout for family visits.

Everyone loves gathering in kitchens. That’s just a fact. But as people gather in your home this year, look at where people have trouble getting through. Do the older relatives have difficulty at certain turns? Just watch the flow and consider how furniture arrangements could make things easier.

holiday table set up for family visits

Dinner table ready for family visits by Yellow Brick Home.


If you have guests complaining this year, just think: how can we make our guests stay as comfortable as possible with all house and holiday plans? It will make future family visits much easier and more pleasant. Of course, you need to have a good time too. So, after you’ve set everything up, try to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. You did everything you could, and you can always change things for next year.