Preserving Beautiful Church Windows and Attaining Energy Efficiency

The congregation at McMinnville Cooperative Ministries had decided that carbon reduction was an important priority.   Pastor Mark Pederson, one of the pastors for the church, was still not sure that they would welcome the weatherization project proposed by McMinnville-based Cellar Ridge Construction.  The $200,000 cost was a significant expense, but to his delight the congregation overwhelmingly approved the initiative.

The plan included air and duct sealing, wall and ceiling insulation, an upgrade to the heating system, installation of solar power, and for the stained-glass church windows in the sanctuary, Cellar Ridge recommended Indow window inserts.

“I had read about Indow Windows in the newspaper just a week before Cellar Ridge presented me with their weatherization plan.  Indow window inserts seemed like a great way to insulate the stained glass windows in our sanctuary while preserving their beauty so we decided to move forward.”

Reducing Noise from the Drafty Stained Glass Windows

The renovation was extensive, and on the day Cellar Ridge installed the 74 Indow Windows it was quite noisy due to the trucks outside the sanctuary pumping insulation into the walls.

“We were blasted with sound on all sides of the sanctuary with the insulation truck, sirens, and general activity. It was a perfect storm of noise,” said Zack Geary, the Project Coordinator at Cellar Ridge. “As each Indow insert was installed, we could hear a slight noise reduction. Once one side of the building was installed, the difference was remarkable!”

















What difference have the Indow Windows made?

“68 degrees is so much warmer than it used to be.  The temperature is the same but the room is much cozier because the cold surface of the stained glass windows no longer sucks the heat out of our bodies,” said Pederson. “When I open an Indow Window to show a congregant how they work, we can feel the cold air rushing in.”

And it’s quieter too, “We used to hear sirens and traffic going down 2nd Avenue but now we enjoy silence.”

The weatherization program done by Cellar Ridge has helped McMinnville Cooperative Ministries reduce its carbon footprint by 80% plus their sanctuary now shelters from the cold and noise.

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