Musicians are hard to shop for. They have very specific needs. Do they already have this pedal? What type of reed do they need? What kind of sound mixing, amp, speaker matches their system? You can go down a rabbit hole and sales people can talk you into things your loved one doesn’t need. That’s why the best gifts for musicians are everything around the music.

Gifts for Musicians That Help Them Practice

Musicians and music lovers alike would love these gadgets that help them get down to the business of playing and listening to music.

google home, a voice control device, one of the best gifts for musicians

1. Voice control for all devices in the practice space

Give your musician the gift of hands-free control over their devices. If they can voice command their phone or bluetooth speakers and keep their hands on their instrument, it will save them so much time and frustration. (And if they don’t have a bluetooth speaker yet, grab them one of those.)

earplugs - peaceful gifts for musicians

2. Save their ears with nice ear plugs. 

These earplugs are designed to let the wearer still hear the full range of music without the damaging effects of noise. They can practice or go to concerts without worrying about losing their ability to hear every note later in life. Peaceful gifts like these are armor for your musician.

pic makers as gifts for musicians

3. The never-ending pick machine.

Every guitar player knows the frustration of having to delay practice to search for a pick. They are everywhere until they’re needed. Not anymore! The Pick-a-palooza can make picks on the go, anywhere! Just grab some plastic, use the pick maker and start to play. Cheesy? Yes. Fun? Definitely!


Peaceful Gifts for Musicians

Every musician needs to practice their craft. If you’re on the hunt for the best gifts for musicians, you probably know someone who is a little obsessed and could use help making their practice space more soundproof, less echoey, and more focused on the sound.

acoustic panels - best gifts for musicians

1. Insulation for their practice space

Depending on if the practice space is in your home, this may be a gift for you as well. Adding acoustic panels helps absorb noise in the room, so they hear less sound bouncing around and you hear less sound coming through the walls and ceiling. They come in many designs, from fabric panels to wood. It’s one of the best gifts for musicians because it clarifies their music and let’s them play as loudly as they want.

This is probably not a gift you’ll wrap, but an idea you’ll present. If you know what kind of acoustic panel they’ll like, you can buy one and let them know you’ll do the project together.

window inserts to insulate a musicians practice space

2. Soundproofing window inserts

Another combo gift for musicians and you: soundproofing window inserts. If their studio or practice room has a window, they’ll need more than acoustic panels to soundproof it. Soundproofing window inserts fit snugly into the inside of windows to block noise from leaving the room and help noise from reverberating against the glass. The inserts are removable, in case your musician friend works up a sweat and needs to open the window.

This is another gift that is best presented as a fun project to do together. The inserts are custom made using laser measurements, so maybe wrapping the measurement kit is a good way to show the gift. 

noise cancelling headphones - peaceful gifts for musicians

3. Really nice wireless headphones.

The musician in your life probably listens to a lot of music. Maybe it’s their own, over and over again to get the recording just right. They probably have some really old headphones they’ve had for years. Give them an upgrade with bluetooth wireless headphones (here are a couple nice examples: Wireless, Noise-cancelling). Noise-cancelling is truly one of the most peaceful gifts you could give a musician. It blocks out other sound so they can concentrate on their own notes. And if you live with them, you won’t have to hear the same song hundreds of times.