Resized Marla YorstenHave a painting you love that gets light from your windows?

Marla Yorston did. She hung it prominently over the fireplace in her living room with its arched windows that extend into a vaulted ceiling. Here, the light makes the painting a focal point of the room in her Hickory Creek home outside Dallas. But then she noticed something: that light was also beginning to damage the artwork and Marla detected a light smokiness to the paint along the bottom of the canvas.

“It doesn’t have the same pop,” she said of the sun damage.

The windows, a main reason she bought the home, weren’t just destroying her painting. They also threatened her leather furniture, which she didn’t want to crack prematurely.

So Marla took action. Not one for window tinting, she considered honeycombed blinds and a decorative metal grill with a sunscreen. But then she realized her family would no longer be able to see the stars and moon through those windows at night.

“I don’t want the sun to massacre my stuff,” she said. “But I want my windows just the way they are.”

Then a friend told Marla about Indow Windows. She called Daylight Rangers in Plano who laser-measured the living room windows for Museum Grade to block the UV light damaging her painting. With Indow’s proprietary laser-measuring system, it’s possible to handcraft inserts that precisely fit special geometries like Marla’s arched windows. She bought Acoustic Grade to quiet the bedrooms.

“They look beautiful,” she said. It’s most noticeable at night, but the Museum Grade inserts improve the windows’ appearance by covering the interior metal frame and making them seem as if they’re trimmed in wood.

Not only did Marla protect her painting protected, but quieted her house. She can’t hear traffic and if a motorcycle rumbles by on Interstate 35 it’s so muffled, it doesn’t wake her.

Go Marla!